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State whether the following sentences are in simple , compound or complex structures.

1.They're not a number or a faceless person.

2.Child sponsorship is totally affordable , and it shows how a little money you contribute can go a long way.


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    你只要答係simple, compound, 定係complex

    點決定? 睇下面

    1. The most basic type of sentence is the simple sentence, which contains only one clause. A simple sentence can be as short as one word:

    Run! Usually, however, the sentence has a subject as well as a predicate and both the subject and the predicate may have modifiers. All of the following are simple sentences, because each contains only one clause:

    Melt!Ice melts.The ice melts quickly.The ice on the river melts quickly under the warm March sun.Lying exposed without its blanket of snow, the ice on the river melts quickly under the warm March sun.

    2. A compound sentence consists of two or more independent clauses (or simple sentences) joined by co-ordinating conjunctions like "and," "but," and "or":

    SimpleCanada is a rich country.SimpleStill, it has many poor people.CompoundCanada is a rich country, but still it has many poor people.3.

    A complex sentence contains one independent clause and at least one dependent clause. Unlike a compound sentence, however, a complex sentence contains clauses which are not equal. Consider the following examples:

    SimpleMy friend invited me to a party. I do not want to go.CompoundMy friend invited me to a party, but I do not want to go.ComplexAlthough my friend invited me to a party, I do not want to go. In the first example, there are two separate simple sentences: "My friend invited me to a party" and "I do not want to go." The second example joins them together into a single sentence with the co-ordinating conjunction "but," but both parts could still stand as independent sentences -- they are entirely equal, and the reader cannot tell which is most important. In the third example, however, the sentence has changed quite a bit: the first clause, "Although my friend invited me to a party," has become incomplete, or a dependent clause.

    A complex sentence is very different from a simple sentence or a compound sentence because it makes clear which ideas are most important. When you write

    My friend invited me to a party. I do not want to go. or even

    My friend invited me to a party, but I do not want to go.

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    其實佢要你說明 (State) 以下句子 (the following sentences) 是簡單的 (simple), 是複合 (compound), 還是複雜的 (complex) 結構 (structures)?

    1. 如果只是說 They're not a number, 那麼, 就應該是 簡單的 (simple), 但是, 因為佢後面仲有 or a faceless person, 咁樣, 就應該是 複合 (compound) 的結構啦.

    2. 而呢句, 就應該是 複雜的 (complex) 的結構

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    狀態是否以下句子是在簡單, 複合或複雜結構裡。

    1.They're 不是數字或一個匿名的人。

    2.Child 保證人是完全付得起的, 並且它顯示怎麼您貢獻的少許金錢可能去長的路。

    Source(s): 感謝: 雅虎香港 http://hk.yahoo.com/ + 香 港 警 察 刑 事 部 www.police.gov.hk/
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