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求 She &18 Til I Die 兩首歌的動態歌詞

1. 演唱者 : Bryan Adams

歌名 : 18 Til I Die

2. 演唱者 : Elvis Costello

歌名 : She







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    布萊恩亞當斯(Bryan Adams)-[18 Til I Die]的動態歌詞如下!!希望能幫助到你*^_^*



    Elvis Costello-[She]的動態歌詞如下!!希望能幫助到你唷*^_^*~~:p



    歌名:18 Til I DieLyrics:Bryan Adams/R.J.Lange Music:Bryan Adams/R.J.Lange 演唱者:布萊恩亞當斯(Bryan Adams)歌詞: ==[18 Til I Die ]==動態歌詞[00:00.50]歌名:18 Til I Die

    [00:06.45]Lyrics:Bryan Adams/R.J.

    [00:12.28]Lange Music:Bryan Adams/R.J.Lange

    [00:18.84]演唱者:布萊恩亞當斯(Bryan Adams)

    [00:20.46]Wanna be young the rest of my life,

    [00:24.06]Never say no, try anything twice.

    [00:28.59]When the angels come and ask me to fly,

    [00:32.12]Gonna be 18 til I die.

    [00:39.65]18 til I die, can't live forever, that's wishful thinkin',

    [00:43.23]Whoever said that must of been drinkin'.

    [00:47.76]Don't wanna grow up, I don't see why,

    [00:51.32]I couldn't care less if time flies by.

    [00:54.92]18 til I die,

    [00:57.54]Gonna be 18 til I die.

    [01:02.28]Ya, it sure feels good to be alive,

    [01:06.86]Someday I'll be 18 goin' on 55!

    [01:10.43]18 til I die, alright.

    [01:16.15]Anyway, I just wanna say

    [01:20.78]Why bother with what happened yesterday,

    [01:23.34]It's not my style, I live for the minute,

    [01:27.61]If ya wanna stay young, get both feet in it.

    [01:31.17]18 til I die, a little bit of this, a little bit of that,

    [01:38.93]Little bit of everything, gotta get on track.

    [01:42.79]It's not how you look, it's what ya feel inside,

    [01:45.65]I don't care when, I don't need to know why.

    [01:49.36]18 til I die,

    [01:53.21]Gonna be 18 til I die.

    [01:57.04]Ya, it sure feels good to be alive,

    [02:01.86]Someday I'll be 18 goin' on 55!

    [02:05.59]18 til I die, ya, there's one thing for sure, I'm sure gonna try,

    2007-09-09 13:48:02 補充:


    [02:28.98]Yeah, alright.

    [02:29.54]Yah, don't worry 'bout the future,

    [02:31.18]Forget about the past,

    [02:34.90]Gonna have a ball, ya, we're gonna have a blast,

    [02:36.46]Gonna make it at last.

    [02:41.12]Yeah, 18 til I die,

    [02:45.95]Gonna be 18 til I die.

    2007-09-09 13:50:49 補充:

    [02:49.51]Ya, it sure feels good to be alive,

    [02:53.84]Someday I'll be 18 goin' on 55!

    [02:56.46]18 til I die,

    [02:59.18]Gonna be 18 til I die.


    [03:16.62]I'm gonna be 18 Til I die, alright.

    [03:19.29]Oh ya, oh ya, 18 til I die.


    2007-09-09 13:53:39 補充:

    歌名:SheLyrics:Herbert Kretzmer Music:Charles Aznavour

    演唱者:Elvis Costello




    [00:02.84]Lyrics:Herbert Kretzmer

    [00:04.50]Music:Charles Aznavour

    [00:06.17]演唱者:Elvis Costello

    2007-09-09 13:56:07 補充:


    [00:09.32]May be the face i can't forget

    [00:13.89]A trace of pleasure or regret

    [00:16.48]May be my treasure or the price i have to pay

    [00:23.01]She may be the song that summer sings

    [00:27.62]May be the chill that autumn brings

    [00:31.25]May be a hundred different things

    2007-09-09 13:59:33 補充:

    [00:35.85]Within the measure of a day.


    [00:42.21]May be the beauty or the beast

    [00:46.79]May be the famine or the feast

    [00:49.53]May turn each day into a heaven or a hell

    [00:56.18]She may be the mirror of my dreams

    [01:01.90]A smile reflected in a stream

    2007-09-09 14:02:54 補充:

    [01:04.50]She may not be what she may seem

    [01:08.29]Inside her shell


    [01:46.65]She who always seems so happy in a crowd

    [01:51.32]Whose eyes can be so private and so proud

    [01:55.96]No one's allowed to see them when they cry

    [02:01.71]She may be the love that cannot hope to last

    2007-09-09 14:06:37 補充:

    [02:31.26]Me i'll take her laughter and her tears

    [02:36.82]And make them all my souvenirs

    [02:40.46]For where she goes i've got to be

    [02:43.15]The meaning of my life is





    2007-09-09 14:06:41 補充:

    [02:06.43]May come to me from shadows of the past

    [02:10.17]That i'll remember till the day i die


    [02:17.42]May be the reason i survive

    [02:20.12]The why and wherefore i'm alive

    [02:24.70]The one i'll care for through the rough and ready years

    2007-09-09 14:07:06 補充:




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