What Can I do With An English Degree?

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    Career Opportunities for Majors in English:

    Rutgers University - First Jobs of Recent Graduates:

    "Assistant Editor, Hobby Publications Financial Analyst Trainee, Goldman Sachs

    Assistant Manager, B. Dalton Fitness Director, Aaron Health Center

    Assistant Manager, Bloomingdales Health Educator, Planned Parenthood

    Bank Teller, Hudson United Bank Management Trainee, Action Rent a Car

    Brokers Assistant, Merrill Lynch Media Assistant, Ogilvy & Mather Advertising

    Client Service Representative, Merrill Lynch Paralegal, Davis & Saperstein

    Department Coordinator, R R Bowlar Publishing Production Assistant, Research on Education Association

    Editor, Common Boundary Magazine Recruiter, Entology, Inc.

    Editorial Assistant, Bantam Doubleday Dell Reporter, Forbes Newspapers

    Editorial Production Assistant, Country Inns Publication Sales Representative, NJ Bell

    Teacher, Edison School District

    A Sample of Related Occupations:

    Administrative Assistant Fact Checker Nonprofit Administrator

    Advertising Account Executive Fundraiser Personnel Trainee

    Campaign Manager Historical Society Specialist Production Assistant

    Claims Examiner Journalist Public Relations Specialist

    Communications Specialist Legislative Assistant Publicity Assistant

    Community Relations Specialist Librarian Research Assistant

    Copy Writer Lobbyist Researcher

    Corporate Trainer Management Trainee Sales Representative

    Critic Marketing/Sales Manager Special Events Coordinator

    Customer Service Rep. Media Analyst Teacher

    Editorial Assistant Media Buyer Volunteer Coordinator

    Editor/Writer Museum Curator

    Education Director"


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  • 1. Teach English

    2. Work in a university creating academic papers and resource material

    3. Write papers for college students

    4. Write a text book for academic learning

    5. Write a novel, if you have good English expression

    6. Teach at a school

    7. Be head of the English department at school

    8. Begin classes for people with disabilities and people who cannot read and write, or go to an adult education centre and work teaching literacy

    9. Write poetry

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    Loads of things!...u cn do any job as a beginer in the english language section...my mum became an english teacher wth tht degree

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    You could become an English Teacher, so that other people could learn English.

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    what hermione said

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