Have anyone outhere been to any part of Alaska? If so, please tell me if there's a highway or road you can

drive from the state of Washington thru to Alaska?

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    I live in Alaska and drove up and back various before and since living here.

    From Seattle, the quickest way is to drive through British Columbia to the town of Hyder, Alaska on the coast. About 1000 miles. But Hyder doesn't connect to anything else (unless you have a boat).

    To get to main part of Alaska, you drive the "Alaskan Highway" north through BC and Yukon, enter Alaska, drive to Tok, Alaska and then decide on continuing west to Fairbanks or SW to Anchorage. 2500 miles from Seattle to Anchorage. I've done it a lot of times in 2.5 days (serious road warrior) and once in 48 hours (very serious road tripping).

    The main Alaskan Highway is paved the whole way (except for seasonal construction areas) with gas stops every few hours. You could take a compact car the whole way. I have. I prefer it for easier driving, better mileage and lower roll-over risk.

    As someone posted, you can board the Alaska State Ferry (goggle that) in Bellingham, WA and get off in Haines, Alaska (leaving 800 miles to drive to Anchorage including some through Canada). one-way for a person is about $300. A car adds $800 or so, depends on length.

    It is a great trip. Spectacular scenery, friendly people, cool critters. I'm planning on taking my second grader this summer. (he's a much better traveller than most 7 year olds).

    Get the "Milepost" which gives mile-by-mile descriptions of the sights and services along the way. Not just for the main route but for the side routes and all the highways in Alaska, Yukon and northern BC.

    Source(s): Numerous trips up and down the Alcan in all seasons. Have brought cars up on the ferry.
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    In theory yes.. I tried routeing from WA to alaska but yahoo maps said no route. I did this once in the winter time many years ago but I entered Canada in MN and crossed on Canada HWY 1 and up. AS I said in theory yes should be able to drive from the tip of alaska to the tip of So America via the trans America's Hwy. The section that runs through North America is I-5.. I retird from long haul driveing 15 years ago and gave all my maps away so I don't have them for refference.. get a good Rand McNalley map book

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    Yes, there's the Alaskan highway that runs through northern british columbia and the Yukon territory and into Alaska. You can get on it in alberta or british columbia.

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    You can also take a ferry (seasonally) from Bellingham to Juneau or Sitka. You can take your car with you.

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