Does Wireless LAN mean wireless interent?

If not, how can I get internet on my laptop?

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    For most people wireless lan means 802.11 wifi. Most notebooks already have the wifi modem as part of the motherboard, most desktops need to add a "G" or a "N" card. You already must have an ISP and wifi router or piggyback off a school, library or coffee shop. WWAN is a cingulair, tmobile or sprit wireless that you must buy a card for AND pay a subscription fee. WiMax is being rolled out and can kinda be described as a cross between wifi and wwan. You must pay for the subscription, but many cards will be released soon.

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    >>Does Wireless LAN mean wireless interent? <<


    Not necessarily.

    First lets get some terms straight:

    LAN is an acronyn that means Local Area Network. A network usually consists of two or more devices sharing resources. Those resources can be anything like Internet, or a printer, or files on computer hard drives.

    So if two computers were sharing a printer, but had no internet connection, then you have a LAN with no Internet.

    WLAN is an acronyn for Wireless LAN. Just like before, this network consists of two or more devices sharing resources, but this time, they have the advantage that they can share those resources wirelessly.

    So if two computers were sharing a printer wirelessly, but had no internet connection, then you have a WLAN with no Internet.

    If you own a laptop, and have High Speed Internet(like Verizon DSL, Comcast Cable, etc), then the Service Provider should have given you a modem. To get internet on your laptop, all you have to do is hook up the laptop to the modem using a CAT-5 cable(your ISP should have supplied you with at least one).

    If you want Wireless Internet, then you need to set up a WLAN. Remember that for a WLAN you need at least 2 devices, one of them will be your laptop, the other is a wireless router(you can buy one from radioshack, best buy, circuit city, etc)

    When you get the router, physically hook it up to the laptop to set it up. Once it's set up, unplug it from the laptop, and hook it to the modem.

    Here is what the setup will end up looking like:

    The steps to connect to the WLAN will depend on the Operating System you own(Vista, XP, Mac?).

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    Wireless LAN does 'not' mean wireless internet..

    A wireless lan is 2 or more computers connected without wires, so they can communicate with each other. To get the internet with the LAN setup, The LAN itself has to be connected to a router, and then the router needs to be connected to a modem, which in turn needs to be connected to the internet through your internet service provider(ISP).. Hope this helps...

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    Wireless internet is the same thing as a LAN internet connection provided you have either cable or a DSL connection from your ISP. It will not work for dial up connections. You need a modem, a wireless router and a wireless card in the card bus slot in your laptop if you don't already have it built in to your machine.

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    Yes,it means Wireless Local Area Network so what that means is if you have a Wireless LAN in range you have Wireless internet!

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    LAN is local area network. You can connect to the internet VIA the wireless LAN, but you actually have to have a service provider in order to do anything with it.

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    LAN is an acronym for Local Area Network. A LAN is usually a network of computers in a single office, or a single building. Hence the term "local".


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    Wireless LAN dose mean wireless internet, but only if your house is set up as a hot spot. If not your going to have to plug you laptop in to a phone line or something.

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    If the lan is connected to the internet it usually does. A lan is just a network of computers. One of them needs to have and manage a connection to the outside before it is the same as an internet connection.

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    kinda, LAN is local area network. what a network ia is a connection that is shared between two or more computers. in a network you share internet and files. all depending on your settings. to get more info on it go to

    and email that guy.

    hes really smart

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