my sidekick 3 (cellphone) was stolen....?

i left it at a store here in my small town. so we checked the customer service desk, and no one turned it in. then we looked everywhere we went in the store about three times. then we called the service provider and they said that someone was making calls with it, so we cut off the service. we tried calling it before we cut it off and it was turned off. we had the idea of turning the service back on for a little bit and sending text messages explaining our situation, but if we turned it back on then they could buy ringtones and games and god knows what. we also called the police department and documented it missing. now we are calling the service provider again to see if they can give us the number of someone they called. the sad thing is, that if they looked at anything on the phone (txt messages, pictures, emails, the internet page that was up) they would realize that it belonged to a 13 year old. if u have any idea that i havent tried to get it back, then please let me know.

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    i think the phone company can trace it for you. if not, turn the service back on and call it like crazy every chance you get, leave messages saying to give it back to stop the calls :)

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    3 years ago

    yea i hate that feeling yet what pisses me off extra is the sensation while my ipod gets stolen it replaced into double the fee of my telephone. ive by no potential had it stolen in the past yet while im out and public and cant discover it while i are conscious of it had it on me, that freaks me out reason i think of it have been given lost or stolen.

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