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Need birthday advice.?

I have no idea what to do for my husbands birthday next month. We are on a tight budget so I cannot afford anything to expensive. I would want to throw a little gathering. Any suggestions?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    get party cups napkins knives spoons forks plates from the .99 cents store.

    buy your party invitations from the .99 store also. they come to about 10 ir 12 invitations in a pack.

    you may request for each guest to bring a homemade dish this way your food expenses will be taken care of.

    for drinks, every wk there are specials in circulars of each supermarket. pick which beverages you like the best and shop there to buy your drinks. be sure to get coupons in the sunday paper so you can get further discounts on those drinks you chose. if you dont think that you will like our guests cooking styles, order pizzas. some places i know when you get multiples you get the buy two get 1 free, or they give you a discount for buying so many pies. or maybe even have a party with only hourdervs. that way no one will expect food, you will have finger snaks. another idea is to have only upto 10 to 15 people and take his bday party to a local restaurant. i know money is scarse but check out red lobsters, applebees, tgif's, pancake house, ruby tuesdays the olive garden or some nice restaurant. all the expenses are included, drinks dinner in one big sum. and i am sure they will give a discount of some sort or maybe even give you a budgeted menu to chose from. you can always rent a hall, like a vfw hall, that is not too costly. or you can have the party in a park. food wise, you can go to a local deli and they have assortments of foods that are tasty which you wont blow alot on. if worse comes to worse comes, have at the most including you and your husband, only upto four close couples of your choice. the limit is 4. so, that would be 8 and you and your husband to total 10. bring in catered chinese foods for servings of 10 people. if each one of the guests including you and your husband like chines, italian, greek, indian, or mexican, etc~ you should have no problem with the cattering prices. that would be affordable better yet maybe, in the yellow pages they have places called party shops. you can have them arrange something nice with all the trimmings for a nice price. or go to a party store and get discounted party favors, things for the birthday. they can always suggest nice places to seek futher things from. from foods to party favors. another idea would be for you to cook everything! that way you dont have to worry about liking the food. just cook the day before and heat up the food a little before the guests arrive. you can take your husband out to dinner just you and him. then have a get together with only drinks like a cocktail hour and your guests will bring gifts for your husbands bday. so you'd only pay for alcohol and sodas and beverages. you wont have to put out money for food. just drinks. maybe spend a quiet evening with your husband just you and him, cook him his favorite dinner, give him a nice gift maybe a gold fiagro bracelet or a tie for each year of his bday or give him a leather jacket, or something his favorite color. or take him on a shopping spree, your treat. tell him to pick out from one store each and everything he likes. then he will have things that he really likes cuz he hand picked them out himself. about the little gathering part another suggestion would be throw the party at a local recreation center or a parish if ou are religious. it probably would be the least expensive choice for a gathering of friends. i hope these ideas have given you some options. hope they helped. my last idea would be, since your husbands bday is next month, delay it. say you want to give him a bday gift closer to the holidays. that holiday gift could be two tickets to his favorite get away spot. make destination inviations up. when you and your husband come back, he will have guests waiting for him for a surprise bday. that should allow you more time to get a little more money saved up to do this. or if you further want to delay wait until february 14th of next year. i know that is a gr8 strech but it would be worth it to make him light up like a christmas ornament. good luck.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You can try to have a few friends and you can have like little sample of foods to give to the guest. You don't have to have a DJ just have ur boombox and hook it to some big speakers to have a little dancing.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Many chuffed returns of the day! Celebrating the birthday shouldn't forestall you to duplicate on the previous 365 days and the thank you to improve the 365 days forward, i think of. Reviewing the previous and making plans on the destiny is one portion of the day, yet in addition you are able to delight in it as you please. Bless you!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    get about 5 or 6 of his firends and party ?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    why not invite few close friends, have a BBQ, ask them to bring a salad and whatever they want to drink and you supply the meat

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