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Is Condi Rice a Race traitor?

Are black Republicans stupid for supporting a party that hates them? Just like how homosexual Republican is an oxymoron.

I mean c'mon the Conservative party is just that, Conservative. to conserve the racist and sexist white male United States. It is a party founded on not having different cultures and not having equal ground for all races and genders. So, I found it really awkward how Condi Rice would support a party that would be against the very race she is. Shame.


-Condi was given her job to get votes from the blacks. I guess it mildly backfired on the Republicans and that goes for the Supreme judge. Token Blacks are more of an insult to the black community than no Blacks at all.

Update 2:

- For those bringing up her 'intelligence' I just want to say that is a clear indicator of your racism. Not once did I bring up anything getting to do with her 'intelligence'. I just find it awkward how she is supporting a party that mostly hates and degrades blacks or anyone that isn't a white male really. To imply that she is one of the few blacks who are intelligent therefore being recruiting to the Republican team is very offensive. Majority of blacks are not intelligent? Shame.

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    The Bush Plantation... er... I mean, administration used Condi to deliver all their apologies on Fox news...

    "ayes sooo sorry, America... yes'm..."

    Some black people believe that the Republicans are still the proponents of racial equality that they were during the turn of the century... it's just the other way around now and they can't accept that.

    Question - Which is the first party to produce both a female and a black candidate for United States President?

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    If Republicans hate blacks, they sure have a strange way of showing it. Bush appointed Condi Rice to Secretary of State, a position that gives her great press coverage, exactly what one needs to launch a bid for the Presidency. In other words, Bush gave Condi the opportunity to run for President on a silver platter.

    Admit it, if Condi would enter the race, she would have a lock on the Republican nomination. Republicans would rally around Rice. Kind of kills your "Conservatives hate blacks" argument, doesn't it?

    George W. Bush has appointed more blacks to office than any other President. George H.W. Bush appointed Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court. Wow, that Bush family just hates blacks, don't they?

    Consider this: the overwhelming majority of people who had to live under Communism were fated to live their whole lives in cramped, dirty, noisy, non-air conditioned apartments. Blacks who subscribe to the paternalistic programs of the Democrats are fated to have a similar, mediocre existence. President Bush spoke of the "soft bigotry of low expectations". Remember all those people who claimed they couldn't find a job, and therefore lived their whole lives on welfare? Well, the vast majority of them are now productive, working citizens, freed from the trap the Democrats set for them.

    Seems to me, Democrats are the ones who really hate blacks. They just want their votes.


    Guru: you are the typical Lib. You make the most inane assertions in order to keep from admitting you are wrong. TOKEN BLACKS? As I said, Condi is perfectly poised for the PRESIDENCY............ repeat: THE PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. That is hardly a token position. If she would accept our nomination, Condi would most likely become the next President. How you can denigrate that as tokenism is beyond me. It must be another example of Liberal "thinking".

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    Of course she is a traitor. The Democrats have been working for the poor downtrodden for how many decades now?? And what have they received? Larger welfare checks and more govt programs? Please tell me how many people that has helped.

    All the Republicans do is promote big business that gives people-- ah- jobs. How many people have a rich awarding life working at a job as opposed to living it out on a govt giveaway. Take a look at the history and let me know how it has worked for people you know. I have met many of them and once many get on the hand outs, that is it for their life time. And please explain to me how this is so much better for them.

    So if an intelligent, successful person is Black, off course she is a traitor to her race. Please dont follow in her footsteps and become educated and successful. Just vote Democrat, feel sorry for yourself and please promote more handouts to be sure all your friends can be equally unhappy in their lives.

    Don't get me wrong, many people need some limited assistance at some point in there lives, but the Democrats have lived off promoting a lifetime of hand outs. And decades later they are still promoting it and some one please show me how this has made the society better or has improved the lives of the poor in our society.

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    Condi is in it for her personal gain for sure. But calling her a traitor to her race is not logical. First off ALL people are of the human race as we come from one couple as genetics has long ago proven. A traitor to her ethnicity is surely a more adequate representation. The American republican party is no more conservative than the American democratic party. Both Jesse Jackson & Big Al Sharpton have fleeced the American ***** population as bad if not worse than former governor George Wallace fleeced the American caucasions. RACE BAITING dates clear back to the earliest recorded history of mankind(Egypt) & is ALWAYS USED FOR PERSONAL GAIN by the one(s) promoting it!!! Examples are Hitler, Idi Amin, Stalin, Tojo & a host of others. A race baiter wins when one is converted to his/her propaganda. There is no winner in race baiting but the baiter. Sorry to hear you are another casuality. Best wishes to you on your recuperation!

    Source(s): I thought every body saw it by now, quess some never really do learn!
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    Somehow I was not surprised to read the rather rude comments left by the conservative faction; (NOTE: It is possible to impart your answers politely and informatively and graciously w/o resorting to insults...just an FYI) as for race, as another person so aptly answered, she is just another Bush flunky...lot of that going around in Washington these days!

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    So what you are describing is the Democrats. They are the party founded on slavery and keeping women barefoot and pregnant.

    The racist (KKK) were ALL Democrats and still are ALL skinheads claim to be Democrat. The Republicans (Conservatives) believe ALL people despite race, religion, sexual preference and gender are given something by God that they are good at and if they follow that talent they can make it without the help of anyone or anything.

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    Are you the most misinformed person on the planet? I wish that were so, unfortunately, there are many of you...

    Condi is the only black republican? really need to put down the comics and read a a news channel....look out of your window.

    And your definition of a Conservative...well that is just laughable...

    Thanks for posting....I love it when a Demwit gets on YA and proves what uneducated simpletons SOME liberal are.

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    i think Rice is assembly with Syrian terrorist because is a (distateful) area of her interest, and as the administration is finally getting around to the "contain Syria and Iran" area of the Iraq learn group's recomendations. this is a evaluation with Pelosi's assembly with Syrian terrorist purely in the 'area of the interest' factor.

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    You deserve a medal for that one. Republicans are against blacks and the poor.

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    You are absolutely incorrect. You can not back up your b.s.

    Just because a bunch of liberals get together and decide to call republicans racists, bigots, etc.. does not make it so.

    You can not factually argue that republicans are any less fair to any group of people.

    You are a simple minded sheep for saying those things.

    Republicans treat people equally, democrats are race baiting, hypocritical seperatists.

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