Looking for a very pretty name for a girl and for nice name for a boy?

hi, my hubby and I are hoping to conceive sometime soon with our third baby. We are looking for a very pretty name for a girl and a very nice name for a boy. We want something that is kinda different and isnt a name that is being picked all the time by other people having babies. We have a Dakota and a Breelyn (pronounced Bree-Lynn). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I was hoping for something with the first letter being K, L, or A, however we havent really had any luck finding one that starts with the letter K. We did find one that we really liked but my cousin ended up naming his little girl that just last month. That name is Kaylena. Thanks for your help!

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    1. Remember that your child will have this name for their whole life, so make it something special to be proud of.

    2. Write lists of names you love, people you want to honor, names that have special meanings, etc (both you and your partner should do this). Compare the lists - are there names you both love? Maybe your partner likes a name that you can't stand. Cross off the names you don't like and add names you do like to your list. These lists will change over time.

    3. Make sure it's a name that you both love. Try saying your child's name over and over to see if you'll get tired of hearing it. One very important factor is if the name will age. It's easy to imagine a child named Coco, but can you see a grown up named Coco?

    4. Make sure the name sounds good with your last name. Don't ever use a name whose last letter is the same as the first letter in your last name (i.e. George Johnson, Annabell Loor, Roger Rine).

    5. Try not to choose a name that is inspired by your beliefs. Sometimes people name their children after a historic/biblical name. Keep in mind that when your children grow up, they may not choose to have the same beliefs.

    6. Decide when you want to reveal the name. Some couples wait until the baby is born, while others tell their family, friends, and anyone who asks right away.

    7. Think about how it might be shortened. Lots of people shorten their names, and you need to choose one that you like and will still sound good with your surname - e.g. the names Richard Wickes might sound OK, but what if he prefers to be called Rick?

    8. Try not to choose names so that your children - particularly if they are the same sex - have the same initials. When they are older and a letter arrives for J. Smith, how will you know if it's for Josh, Jack, Joseph or Jordan?


    * If you are expecting multiples, see if the names sound good with each other. Are they too similar? Twins Alexander and Alexandra are never going to forgive you!

    * Also think about not naming all of your kids in a theme, such as Emerald, Ruby, and Opal.

    * If you last name is the butt of many jokes (Hogg, Pigg, etc.), don't name your kids anything to accentuate that. Ima, Shesa and Youra is just cruel.

    * Make sure your kid can live with the name.

    * Put your name through the "bully" test. Rhyme it with anything you can think of, look for hidden words in the name, etc. Have a small child help you if you can't think of anything. Kids are very quick to spot odd things about names and exploit them.

    * Look at the initials to see if they spell something embarrassing. Andrew Samuel Sanderson won't be happy to share his middle name with anyone.

    * Check the Social Security Administration's website to see the popularity of the name.

    * Don't get cute and creative with spelling. It doesn't make the name more unique or different, it will sound the same. This just causes problems with no one ever getting your child's name correct and a lot of bureaucratic hassle later in life.

    * Short names go better with long last names and vice versa. A long name with a long surname will look and sound odd.

    * Don't make your kid sound like a stripper. Avoid Brandii, Mandii, Candii, Tamii, etc.


    * Your child will carry this name for the rest of his/her life. This living being will be an adult for far longer than they will be a cute adorable baby. Choose a name that will serve them throughout life, not one that is cute and adorable. Don't embarrass this future adult by being overly whimsical and silly. Wayne Dwopp won't thank you when he is being teased in school.

    * If you use an invented spelling of the name, carefully look at it and show it to others in order to avoid embarrassing the child later in life.

  • 1 decade ago

    I love the name Leland for a girl....but that might sound too much like Breelyn. Lenleigh (Lynn-lee)? Kaylor? Just thoughts.

  • 1 decade ago

    girl~ Kara, Kalla, Kendall, Kyndra, Karissa, Lila, Lacy, Laina, Leela, Audra, Aubrey, Audrina

    boy~ Logan, Landon, Karter, Korey, Kendrick, Kole, Kaulin, Kyle, Austin, Aidan, Alex

  • 1 decade ago

    Baylon Jayce,Baily Jade,Tristian Luke,

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Try these names:

    Girls K:

    Kadence [ Kaydence ]

    Kameron [ Kamryn, Kamrynn ]

    Kylie [ Kyleigh, Kyleah ]






    Girls L:

    Layla [ Laila, Leila ]



    Girls A:


    Arianna [ Ariana ]


    Adelina [ add-uh-LEE-nuh ]



    Boys K:

    Kaden [ Kayden ]

    Kael [ Kale ]

    Keiran [ Kieran, Kiran ]

    Keagan [ Keegan ]


    Boys L:

    Landon [ Landen ]


    Laken [ LAY-kin ]

    Lawerence [ Laurence ]

    Boys A:




    Hope these help! Good luck :)

  • 1 decade ago

    Kam, Lola, Kieran, LeAnna, Kora, Aeryn (girls)

    Alexander, Austin, Braedan, Keagan, Landon (boys)

    Good luck and have fun practicing! :)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I've always loved the names Leah and Kaela (pronounced kayla). They're not rare names but at the same time they're not popular names.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm planning on naming my girl Kenadie...its different, but very pretty. For a boy, how about Lucas? Another uncommon boys name I like is Micah.

  • 1 decade ago

    i have always liked the name piper for a girl or mirabella. for boys, not many people pick the name zane. cant think of anything else. good luck!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ever thought about the name Ayslinn for a girl or Samian for a guy.

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