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I'm flying United from SFO to LAX on the 16th and I will have one overweight baggage. What I want to know is that how is United with overweight baggage? Do they usually come with you on the same flight or the airline tends to deliver them later? I have a connecting flight so I can't afford to have them come later.

Also, if the airline requires your carry-on be checked, do you need to pay an extra fine?


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    United Airlines policy for Carry-on baggage:

    Since you are traveling within the United States with United Airlines then there is no restrictions on weight limits for carry-on baggage. However it must be of the correct size, for details on this see the website below.


    United Airlines policy for Checked baggage:

    As you are traveling within the United States, you are allowed to check in two bags free of charge providing maximum weight does not exceed 50Ibs per checked bag.


    For overweight baggage see the website below.


    Also, yes your checked-luggage will travel on the same aircraft that you are flying on. Also you will usually find if you have a connecting flight that your luggage will already be 'handled' and boarded onto your connecting flight without you having to pick it up at baggage claims and having to re-check it all over again.

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    United Airlines Overweight Baggage Fees

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    The luggage does normally travel with you on the same aircraft. Be aware that you will probably have to pay an extra fine. The cost of the fine does fluctuate depending on the airline so you might want to check in advance.

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    my check bag weighs 55 pounds, i am flying to paris from sfo what is my charge

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