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How much do fireplace bricks cost? Per brick price?

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    I sell bricks at a brick yard

    (Brickyard in Canada, although we sell bricks made in Canada AND made in the USA imported ones too)

    Firebricks for inside the firebox of the fireplace are about

    $ 1.40 to $ 1.60 each, and the surface that shows is 4 1/2" x 9", usually installed flat like a pancake, with fireclay / refractory cement, so you would need about 3.5 bricks per square foot.

    Face bricks, for the face of the fireplace wall and structure can be anywhere between $0.80 to $ 1.20 each, most about $0.90 each. Coverage per square foot depends on which brick size, and that is usually anywhere from 4 bricks / sq.ft. to 7 bricks / sq.ft., and usually the smaller bricks look best, so count it as 7 bricks / sq.ft (smaller bricks need more bricks per square foot, but looks best especially since its a relatively small wall you see close up, instead of a whole building you see from a distance).

    These are actual true prices (retail and contractor prices) for the brick themselves, before taxes, and delivery costs. These prices are for just the bricks, not including installation.

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    How much do fireplace bricks cost? Per brick price?

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    I live in New York and paid 40 dollars for 6 bricks. specifically made for fireplaces and or stove.

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    Without knowing where you are, or what your intent is in the application; usual brick should be less than 50 cents each. FIRE BRICK would be more costly than RED brick.

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