canadian citizenship ?

can canadian citizenship be acquired without physical presence ?? i heard that people can pay 100k and acquire canadian citizenship after 3 years is that true ??? are there more way to acquire canadian citizenship without physical presence ??

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    1 decade ago
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    I am not sure about your meaning of 'physical presence'.

    If you mean do you have to apply for citizenship in person then the answer is no. See the link below for further details:

    If by 'physical presence' you mean do you have to spend the entire three years (1,095 days) in Canada without any absences, then the answer to this is yes, you must have spent the full three years in Canada to be eligible. See website below.

    The fee to apply for citizenship is $200 (adults) and for children under 18 it is $100.

    For any other questions you may have regarding Canadian citizenship, visit the website in the source below.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No... Very few legitimate countries in the world allow you to gain citizenship, with first proving that you have lived there for an extended period of time.

    Immigration to Canada, is not like you note in your questions.

    You can come to canada, if you invest in Canada, and create long term jobs for Canadians... 100K will not be seen an as substantial investment anymore.. you'llneed WAAY more than that...

    Considering your questions, and what you've "heard" from others, you need to do a lot of work, before being allowed to immigrate to Canada. It's not as simple as you are being told.

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    some Canadian standards: a million. grow to be the guy bodily modern in Canada for a protracted era ahead of updated absences which surpassed off right this moment until now the applying for citizenship; 2. the place are the applicant's instantaneous kin and dependants resident; 3. Does the development of exact presence in Canada point out a returning homestead or in ordinary terms vacationing the country; 4. what's the quantity of the particular absences; 5. Is the actual absence brought about by ability of a of course non everlasting difficulty together with employment as a missionary overseas, following a direction of learn overseas as a pupil, accepting non everlasting employment overseas, accompanying an important different who has standard non everlasting employment overseas; 6. what's the widespread of the relationship with Canada: is it extra important than that which exists with the different usa. American standards: * Be a minimum of 18 years previous (until they're an exception to this rule and difficulty to a waiver); * Have lawful everlasting place of residing; * Have resided constantly as a lawful everlasting resident in u . s . for no less than 5 years ahead of submitting with absences from u . s . totalling no better than a million 12 months; * Be of stable ethical character; * have the skill to show she or he's related to the concepts of the yankee shape; * have the skill to envision, write, talk, and comprehend words in effortless utilization in the English language, until on the date of submitting the applicant: o Has been residing in u . s . next to a lawful admission for everlasting place of residing for no less than 15 years and is over fifty 5 years of age; o Has been residing in u . s . next to a lawful admission for everlasting place of residing for no less than two decades and is over 50 years of age; or o Has a medically determinable actual or psychological impairment, the place the impairment impacts the applicant's skill to verify English; * have the skill to illustrate a records and know-how of the basics of the historic past and of the concepts and charm of government of u . s .; and * Take the oath of allegiance, swearing to: o help the form and obey the regulations of u . s .; o resign any foreign places allegiance and/or foreign places call; and o undergo arms for the militia of the u . s . or carry out amenities for the yankee government while required. The important different of an American citizen who has resided in u . s . as a lawful everlasting resident might persist with for citizenship after 3 years in the event that they're in a position to fulfill all actual presence and place of residing standards.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm sure you can...but it's not legal.

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