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Hi all i need your help, I am looking for a translation of the word "power" meaning rule, authority and domination (mainly domination) to be translated in latin. I have tried some english to latin translators but all come up with different results so please I wold highly appreciate it if someone knows latin well and can help me with this translation.


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    There is a medieval word that fits best:

    Ditio = power; sovereignty, dominion, authority

    In classic Latin, potestas may not be as much toward domination as you want. Perhaps 'imperium' fits better.

    Imperium = command; authority; rule, supreme power

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    I didn't study Latin, but the sources I checked point to the central problem: The word "power" is of French origin and most of latin, as it regards "power," is translated as a complete phrase. One word isn't generally thought of. I went to: "Research your answer" on your question page. I typed in: Power/latin translation/definition and clicked on #1. I think that will be the most extensive answer you'll find. Good luck! Soory I couldn't be of more help.

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    I am learning Latin this year and power in Latin means potestas.

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    auctorita (f) means authority or power in English

    This may be a bit closer to what you are looking for than potestas (f), which means legal competence, power, ability, authority or opportunity in English.

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  • 6 years ago

    Meaning of power in Latin……

    • Facultas

    • Vis vires

    • Praesentia presencia

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    4 years ago

    Ab memet (ipso) salva me quia nescio quod facere debeo. Don't trust "googling", those translations usually aren't any good.

  • 1 decade ago

    imperium, imperii

    The root of the English word "empire"

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    1 decade ago

    look up babylon translator on ask.com or google.com and it is a translator 4 all different languages.

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    1 decade ago

    arma -orum n. pl. [defensive arms , armor, weapons of war]; hence [war, soldiers, military power; protection, defense];in gen. [tools, equipment].

  • 1 decade ago

    potestas, atis and its feminine.

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