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every day I wear pantyliners and at the end of the day they are soiled with white/yellow-ish matter?

It doesnt smell bad but I wonder how many women have this excess of this matter and what can be done about it, I fear that I am the only one with this problem. If I do not wear a pantyliner my underwear becomes casualties and I have to discard.

~This is a serious question~


no, it doesnt smell bad, I do not have any other symptoms, I have regular check ups with my doctor I have had all testing related but no problem. The reason I ask here is due to the lack of answers from my physcican, also I need to ask how many women have this problem and dont talk about it as I feel kinda on my own regarding this issue

Update 2:

i have had this issue since I was a teenager, I am twice that age now and nothing has changed other than over the years it has gotten more of a newsence

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    The white sounds like natural wetness. Some women are more wet than others. Wearing a pantyliner all the time is not reccomended as it can trap moisture and bacteria against your body and lead to an infection. Have you tried wearing lacy underware to help your body breathe?

    The yellow I would wonder if perhaps you have a weak bladder muscle? You could try kegels to see if that may help.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have to do the same but mine actually comes back on my papsmears as bacterial vaginitist ( I think) but it has a odor to it my doctor just gave me an anitbiotic and it works for a while then it comes back...if you have to wear a pantyliner all day you should try not wearing any underwear to bed to give yourself time to breath to prevent infections or even making it worse

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  • 1 decade ago

    sounds like you have a yeast infection any-other symptoms itching, burning, discomfort, dose the discharge smell bad? I would say buy a yeast infection control kit your supermarket will have them and try that out if that dose not work go to your obgyn for further help

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  • 1 decade ago

    you might have a yeast infection...l how long has this been going on? and is near your period.

    a couple days before and after my period i get this discharge and i talked to my doctor thats normal

    but if this isnt near your period and you have had this for a while i sugest u go to the doctor ASAP it could be serious

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    I have that relax.....! And I do hate it!!!

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