What "area " in New York city would a wealthy person live?

Where, in New York City would say, a lawyer live?

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    Lawyers in NYC could live in many wealthy sections. I assume you mean Manhattan so I'll start there:

    - Upper East/West Sides

    - Clinton/Hells Kitchen

    - Along Park/Madison Avenues

    - Greenwich Village (if you're trendy and downtownish)

    - Parts of Morningside Heights and Lower Harlem

    - Murray Hill

    - Areas due east of Penn Station

    - Parts of Gramercy Park

    - SoHo and NoHo

    - Parts of Chelsea

    - TriBeCa

    - Parts of the Refurbished Lower East Side

    - Parts of Battery Park City (if ur not into the beautiful architecture scene)


    - Park Slope

    - Brooklyn Heights

    - Parts of Fort Greene

    - Parts of Greenpoint

    - Williamsburg

    - Bensonhurst

    - Carroll Gardens

    - If you're an Orthodox Jew you may enjoy parts of Borough Park

    - Parts of Bay Ridge


    - Riverdale

    - Parts of Kingsbridge

    - Pelham Bay Park

    - Parts of Throggs Neck

    Staten Island

    [ Throughout the Island you can find wealthy pockets]

    Queens (here's where it gets tricky)

    - While most of the city is undergoing gentrification, Queens is starting to experience a bit of decline

    - Forest Hills Gardens

    - Parts of Forest Hills

    - Parts of Kew Gardens (around Forest Park)

    - Parts of Historic Richmond Hill

    - Believe it or not parts of Jamaica

    - Jamaica Estates

    - Parts of Kew Gardens Hills

    - Parts of Far Rockaway (however I don't recommend it)

    - Parts of Bayside

    - Malba

    (stay in North Queens)

    Long Island:

    Throughout Long Island you will find wealthy communities with amazing school districts.

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    Upper East Side Manhattan, Financial District, Soho, Greenwich Village, Central Park area.

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    Lawyer could live anywhere, Mostly the upper West Side, But a very successful Lawyer would live on the Upper East Side.

    Just on the East Side of Central Park there is a lot of wealth. However there is a huge amount of wealth along Park Ave also.

    A one bedroom apartment in NYC costs 500,000 and two bedrooms is 800,000. So the price is moving up all over. There is an area downtown that has a lot of lofts, and they are super expensive.

    So, to plan your future in NYC, just complete Law school, then win the Lottery:)

    Good luck

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    Manhattan (south of 96th Street and above 14th Street) is pretty much like that already in terms of the astronomical real estate prices for condos/co-ops and rents. Even the people that lived within that area, that were once able to afford the rents can no longer do so....which is why areas that were considered ghettos are becoming gentrified. We would have laughed 15 years ago if someone told us that Harlem would no longer have African-Americans predominantly living in that area. After Clinton showed up and the high real estate prices, more whites are looking into and entering Harlem (you can see it on 125th Street). Long Island City and areas such as DUMBO in Brooklyn which were once industrial in nature are now being gentrified with luxury condos and lofts, with prices skyrocketing. What no one has said, at least publicly is that the people who are being pushed out of these areas due to high rents are living FAR away from NYC. Upstate areas such as Poughkeepsie, Kingston and Newburgh are seeing rises in crimes because of the increas of people of color that once lived in NYC, being "forced" to move out. The change started happening with Giuliani. With the way things are going, soon we'll be talking about the South Bronx...aka SoBro as the place to live as more people in those areas get squashed out because of high rents. Once the new Yankee Stadium opens up....you'll see the exodus of the poor.

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    What "area " in New York city would a wealthy person live?

    Where, in New York City would say, a lawyer live?

    Source(s): quot area quot york city wealthy person live: https://trimurl.im/c37/what-quot-area-quot-in-new-...
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    Rich Parts Of New York

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    well, it depends if it is importanto to you or to show others or both;

    most likely through manhattan there are transparent walls, so anyone stays in a certain part; and if your private life is closely tide with your private, as a lawyer, you must consider where your prefered or targeted clientel lives; standard is all around fifth ave, like park etc all east side, financial district and downtown in general; but lower west side is also not bad (more for academics);

    but you can also try to live in harlem and be still wealthy, so what? just walk around and choose by heart, but people are stupid: if you say you live in harlem, they treat you like a sick one, you can be healthy as you want; clinton tried with a project, i don't know how it ended;

    it's all up to you and what you care...


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    In New York there are plenty of good places in all areas but I do not know where you are. It is best to live in Manhattan, in all areas but is a little more expensive. Even in Queens is good, even Brooklyn, I do not know. That depends on you.

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    Upper East Side, Tribeca, The Village, SoHo

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    Lawyers are not the rich people in the city. I think they would live in brooklyn or queens. The rich people will live near a park. Central park, Gramercy Park, the River Park in Tribeca, ...

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