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How would rate my Fantasy Football Team?

QB: Kitna (Rivers)

RB: Tomlinson, Benson (Ahmna Green)

WR: Steve Smith, Javon Walker, Braylon Edwards (V Jackson, Jacoby Jones)

TE: Tony Gonzalez (Witten)

K: Gould

DEF: Minnesota (Pittsburgh)

Thanks for taking the time.

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    How many teams are in the league?

    You have solid QB's. Kitna will do pretty good as will Rivers. Both are under rated. You have good RB's. LT is the best you could get and Benson is a pretty good #2 RB. I would watch Green. He might have a good year and he could get a couple of starts every now and then.

    You have great WR's. Smith is the best you can get and Walker is a very under rated WR. Both will get you a lot of points. Edwards and Jackson are both pretty good. I would alternate them in and out based on there match ups. Gonzalez is a good top 3 TE to have and should have a pretty good year. Minnesota has a solid DEF and Pitts is a good back up. Any kicker would do pretty much.

    Overall, I would rate it a 8/10. You could probably grab a better RB and maybe you could get Hasselbeck cheap.

    Good Luck

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    7 out of 10. Just cuz Kitna throws just as many INT's as he does TD's. If I were you, I would start Vincent Jackson over Braylon Edwards. Cleveland is playing Pitt. and Charlie Frye is garbage (QB for Browns), and Chicago, who plays San Diego, will have there attention on L.T.

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    love it!

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