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At a time when are wages are stagnating and our middle class is being forced to compete with the lowest-cost labor in the world, what does president Bush want to do-aided and abetted by congress? He wants to support illegal immigration. The guest worker program proposed by president Bush was supported by po-amnesty organizations like the National Council of La Raza and LULAC, the league of United Latin American Citizens. While these groups claim to be fighting for the rights of illegal immigrants in the name of humanitarianism, they in fact funded by major corporations that want continued acces to cheap labor. These include, Levi Strauss, Home Depot, Walmart, and many others. Other groups lobbying for amnesty include the Mexican American Legal Political Association, the Ford Foundation ( Which sponsers and funds many of these groups), and the ACLU. So basically Bush doesn't care about the people, Mexican or Americans, its all about big bussiness. He's a puppet.

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    'Freedom to Facism'

    I just saw this film. It's low budget, and a little 'hokey' in parts, but it's VERY informative. This fella began interviewing people to see if there is an actual law on the books that requires people to pay federal income tax. He uncovered all sorts of facts, and our countries policy on immigration was one of the things he touches on. If you like Micheal Moore films, then check this out.

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