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Gordon or Johnson, who do I start for my Fantasy Racing Team?

Who should I start, Gordon or Johnson?? Johnson won the spring race, but Gordon was right there at the front too. I'm leaning toward Johnson cuz I've started Gordon a few more times this year. Who do you think I should start and why?

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    I would run Johnson if I hadn't used him so many times earlier. I'm actually running Gordon but just because I only have 2 or 3 more times I can use Jimmie. Kyle is going to win though so run him for sure in B. Denny is the other driver to watch. Jimmie's car looked by far the best in qualifying and they are riding some serious momentum right now.

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    Jeff Gordon definitely. You cannot deny the points leader and I think that Gordon or Johnson are going to win this thing tonight as they are going to be upfront all night long and be battling it out for the win at the end, and this time Gordon is going to win and hold off Johnson, sort of like last time but reversed.

  • Johnson

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    If you can only choose between the two of them, then I'd go with Gordon. He hasn't been doing too well recently, so he's due for another win.

    I'm leading my league and I personally picked Dale Jr. for tonite, but the guy in 2nd place has gone with Gordon, so it should be interesting to see what happens.

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    Gordon, I think he will really be looking for the win to tie with Jimmy for this year's wins. I guess, they are going to seed the guys for the chase with extra points for wins.?. Anyway, that is what I heard on Yahoo this morning. I guess I have been in the dark with the new changes to the Chase format.

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    I would pick gordon becuase he's going to be racing as hard as he can to win the race if he wants to keep his lead in the points.

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    I don't like him but go with Gordon. How can you go against the points leader?

  • In my league, we run an 8-driver team against a salary cap, so, our players could run them both, so long as they have enough money, & put in another less expensive driver to compensate.

    Driver values range from 300K to 2.3M against a 10M cap, but you're only allowed 2 free trades per week.

    see for details.

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    I'd go with Gordon, but it's up to you!

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    Johnson, he won last week and is streaky with his wins

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