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hey girls i need a girlfriend plz im not a nerd but im a beach boy lol.?

plz i need one!

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    ok, first thing is first. Do you have any good friends that are girls? If so, try asking one of them out. if not, try to meet someone new and get to know them a little bit and see what you think. Don't ask a girl out unless you are good or just friends. If one girl turns out to be a total jerk or something, just go with it (go with the flow) accept it and move on. Eventually the time will come and you will have a girl friend that sees that you are a beach boy and not a nerd. Also my last tip is that if people see you as a nerd for what you wear, try to mix up your outfit a little. Try wearing a polo shirt from American Eagle and some shorts from there too. Or try hollister. Don't worry, one of my really good friends (a guy) is going through the same thing, so this is the same advise I gave him and he has successfully been going out with a girl for a month already!

    Good Luck!

    Let me know how it goes!

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    first find a girl that you like be nice, friendly, funny and be able 2 talk 2 each other then ak her out on a date.

    p.s. im not a nerd completly contradicts ur name

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    well if u like someone just talk to them and become friends and then after like 1 or 2 months of being friends and u still like her ask her out..

    most girls like to be friends first before getting in a relationship

  • desperate...............

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