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介紹d Metal Band 呀

想問下呢有無d 好既 metal band 可以介紹..

例如好似DreamTheatre 同 DragonForce 咁係注重音樂多過唱歌個d ..

唔該晒~ =]

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Nice to meet you. I quite like metal music too. Here are the bands that I like....

    Avenged Sevenfold: I really like their song Warmness on the Soul (Although M. Shadows accent is kinda weird). Its so romantic, the piano solo makes the song so different then their usual style.

    the video:

    Bullet for my Valentine: this band is rather new nd they are one of my favourite bands. There is quite a lot of screaming in their songs but I think that enhanced the whole song. My favorite songs are All These Things I Hate and Tears Dont Fall

    2007-09-11 02:57:58 補充:

    Killswitch Engage is my favorite band at the moment. Although I have only got 2 of their songs - The End of Heartache and My Curse, but their efforts were obvious.

    2007-09-11 02:58:43 補充:

    My favorite song is My Curse the vocal is great as his voice really bring out the kind of love feeling. There were screaming in the song but they make the song more delicate.

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