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自我介紹 求翻譯......<英文> 15點喔......



<請翻譯成英文,希望用高等文法 我同學要的>

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The my son is called:But D

    I have very good one family, particularly my elder sister, he is very good to me, always at I the most sad of time help me, my horoscope is Aries, but I feel I seem to be the personality of scorpion, I like most at my leisure time to write poem, also having, peaceful of in the nobody some places, peaceful of get into an own brain, I dislike same words most to want me to say two time people, I have girl friend now, he is lovely, and he understands me very much, can make allowance for my mood, to compare with his primary school younger sister, I, some time of my character very the fire explode, but the sometimes is very gentle and soft, my blood type is 0, I live in Taoyuan County now, very happy can go on stage to introduce myself, appreciate each classmate teacher for listenning to I introduce myself, oneself, here profound with gratitude


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  • 1 decade ago

    particular my elder sister, he to my unusual good, always at I saddest time helps me, my constellation is male Aries, but I thought I look like am 天蠍 the disposition, I most like in my idle time composing a poem, but also has, peaceful in nobody some places, peaceful enters in own brain, I most repugnant similar speech wants me to say two times of people, I now have the girlfriend, he is very lovable, moreover he understands me very much, can forgive my mood, My all his elementary school younger sisters, my individuality some times very irritable, some times actually very gentle, my blood-group is 0, I now live in the peach garden county, is very happy can come on stage introduces oneself, thank fellow schoolmates teacher to listen to my self introduction, myself, in this depth thanks


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  • 1 decade ago


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  • 1 decade ago

    My name is:

    I have a nice family, especially my sister who takes cares of me whenever I feel bad. She's always there to help me. I am a Capricorn, but my personality is more in line with Scorpio. I like to write poetry in my free time, and; to be alone surrounded by silence in my own thoughts. I hate having to repeat myself. I have a girlfriend. She's cute and also understands me, taking account of my feelings. I call her "little under-classman".

    I can be quite irritable sometimes, but also very warm-hearted. My blood

    type is type O. I currently live in Taoyuan county and it was a pleasure

    to introduce myself to you all. Thank you very much.

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  • 1 decade ago









    自己沒有出力 就等著別人的成果


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  • 1 decade ago

    My son call:

    I have a very good family, especially is my elder sister, he to I very good, always help I at my saddest time, my constellation is mu sheep, but I feel I seem is day scorpion de character, I most like write poem at my free time, besides, quiet at nobody's some places, quiet come into in own brain, I most hate same word want I say twice de people, I now have girl friend, he very lovely, and he very know me, can be considerate of my mood, I all compare his elementary school's younger sister, my character some's time very irritable, sometimes but very gentle, my blood type is 0 type, I now live at Taoyuan Hsien, very happy can go on stage selfhood introduce, thank everybody's schoolmate's teacher de listen my selfhood introduce, oneself, here deep thankfulness

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