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我大學修的一門課"四書",英文成績單上譯成"four books",老外看得懂嗎?

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    ex.四書 (Four Books) :


    2007-09-08 15:19:28 補充:

    二十五史 (25 Books of History)

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    四書 The Four Books

    (Si-shu, Confucian Analects《論語》 , The great Learning《大學》,

    The Doctrine of the Mean 《中庸》 , The works of Mencius《孟子》)

    2007-09-08 15:25:09 補充:

    《周易 》The Book of Changes

    《左傳 》 The Biography of Tso (Tso Chuan)

    《史記 》 Records of Historian

    《漢書 》 The Book of Han (Han-shu)

    《禮記 》 The Book of Rites

    《詩經 》 The Book of Odes

    《楚辭》 Tsu Verses (Tsu Tzu)

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    四書五經 = The Four books and Five classics

    你要寫成 The Four books, in the Song dynasty, as an introduction to Confucianism: the Great Learning (大學), the Doctrine of the Mean (中庸), the Analects of Confucius (論語), and the Mencius (孟子).

    不然他會問你 哪四本?

    Source(s): wikipedia
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