HELP: Seeking insight on RNs in ICU or ED?

I need some insight about what kind of characteristics or traits are needed to be an RN in ICU. To those who already have experience in the ICU/ED world, please share some goals you have to what's driving you to stay in this field, what goals do you have in mind as an RN, and if you had opportunity to attend a free workshop for RNs; what would you want to take away from it.

Any information is insights or thoughts is great- thank you!


Another question - What are fun RN-related activities do RNs in the ICU/ER world like to do? Do they often check email, are they on Myspace?

I am trying to target RNs with ICU/ER experience to get them to attend a learning workshop that would be free to them. My challenge is to get them to go and make sure they know it's legit.

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    ICU nurses seek to heal the very sick but can't get emotionally involved in their patients or you'd lose your mind in emotion. An ICU nurse must be compassionate to family and must be very attentive to detail. The nurse is the one who will notice the little things the docs won't. There is never enough you can know when working ICU so I would recommend continually educating yourself on the disease processes of your more common patients. That way you can be aware of what might happen.

    If you attend a free workshop. Soak up as much information as you can from senior nurses. They are one of your biggest resources. Don't be afraid to ask senior nurses how they make the most of their time and how they take their notes. They may have ways of doing them so that they don't miss anything when doing their assessments. Sometimes there are better ways of taking notes rather than just a head to toe assessment or notes just on various systems.

    The drive to stay in the ICU is being able to heal that one patient. Even if there are those patients that just won't make it, it is the difference you can make in that other patients life.

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    Not me personally, but several friends who work in a Neonatal ICU all share the qualities of conscientiousness, efficiency and massive quantities of compassion. They must be able to communicate clearly with parents and family. BTW...different from regular ICU in that even when the infant is awake they are unable to communicate how they are feeling so the nurses must rely on skills and intuition on some level.

    Now the rest of you who really know what you're talking about chime in (lol)!

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