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im 18 n i had sex n he 4got 2 pull out n then we figured f its gonna happen its gonna happen so we just went with it...okay sooo he came inside me 4x lol wat do u think tha odds of me gettin preg is? i KNO i messed up && im gonna deal with tha consequenses ima step up 2 tha plate & deal with it...& im supposed 2 be startin round tha 10 but im not crampy like i ushally am if i am how do i tell mi parents im jus overwhelmed && dont kno wat 2 do help me or advice n i dont need a lecture iv already gotton it from micousin lol

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    Just sit down and tell them the SAME THING you just told us!!

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    First, relax and don't stress over it, this will cause symptoms of pregnancy and throw your period and mood off course. (been there, done that) Secondly, the odds depend on if you were close to ovulation, but I'd say a pretty good chance. You may want to go get a blood test, they are much more accurate and they don't test the HcG so you can find out sooner.

    As for you're parents, if you are 18 years old, you really don't have to worry about them "blowing up" or "miss judging you" you're an adult, but if you still live with them, that's a different story. Just be straight up, Bring a friend or family member with you if you are scared, and tell them, they are going to find out sooner or later, unless you leave the country or something, which is highly unlikely.

    Good Luck

    Don't listen to the people who want to bash you and tell you to abort it, they're stupid and judgemental, yeah you made a mistake, or 4.[lol] but still, that's no reason to be a prick.

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    I'm sorry, but I can not BELIEVE that you are using short-hand, misspelled text-messaging style speak to write your question. It makes me wonder if you are even mature enough to be having sex, considering you can't even write out a well-educated paragraph to ask the public world a seemingly important question!!!

    Here is what you have to do:

    1) confirm you are pregnant. Go to a planned parenthood clinic and they will tell you for sure.

    2) confide in someone you look up to. This could be your parents, a sister, a couselor, etc.. Tell someone who will listen to you and your concerns before "yelling" at you.

    3) consider your options. If you have the baby, who will take care of it? How will you make money? Can you afford childcare? Would you adopt it out?

    4) Make a plan. If you are pregnant... get ready for motherhood--- its a beautiful thing.

    Just be sure to teach your child how to write properly to a certain degree.

    Good luck.

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    I think every woman has the right to one abortion. Sounds like you may be using yours soon. Don't be a dummy... this guy doesn't care for you or he wouldn't have put you in this situation and you are far to young to sloppily wander down this path. Call planned parenthood, get a pregnancy test, and get an abortion. Then, NEVER do that again. There are worse things than pregnancy you know. Ewwww. You're gonna get some serious cooties!

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    Agree with dasielady, You sound like a damn fool on this board typing in short hand text type, and then in the middle of the question you put LOL, LOL at what? The fact you sound like a damn fool and your child is pretty much screwed if you are pregnant. You should be overwhelmed, im overwhelmed at the idea that my child might share a classroom or something with your child someday. LOL at that!! and then your name is cutiewitawholelottabooty. HAH! It should be cutiewitalittlebitofbrain.

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    1 decade ago

    I was the same age when I was prego, Its no big deal as long as you know now that its not just you to think about. No parent wants to hear that their child is with child, so just tell them the truth. I would get a pt 1st or go to the ob/gyn for chck up just to be sure before you tell your parents of course.

    I'll send a prayer your way, email if you need someone to talk to !!!!

    Source(s): self- (married)mother of 3
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    Wait until you find out whether or not you're pregnant before telling your parents.

    If you're pregnant, tell your parents, I'm sure they'll be surprised and shocked, but they'll want to help you figure things out.

    If you're not pregnant, please get on birth control so you don't keep having scares. Pull and pray just doesn't work very well.

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    well, sweety. You are 18 which makes you an adult. You should consult a doctor or even buy a pregnancy test. You will just need to tell them but wait until you are sure.

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    you cant even spell, and you believe your ready to have a baby? or at least have sex!! honey you should go back to school, go to health class and learn how to put a condom on it. because i know i dont want my tax dollars going to your "consequences"

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    1 decade ago

    How do you "forget" to pull out?

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