What is allyuh favorite pepper chow yuh ever eat and what different ingredients yuh used?

De amount ah different chow ah eat, ah cyar even remember some ah dem.

Cashew, mango, pommerac, pine, mandarin, portugal.....

We used to add anything we get we hands on from the kitchen. One time meh cousin even add ketchup.

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    Yeah ma.. i hear bout de ketchup in Pomsetay ( ah know it spell wrong lol) chow. It taste good yes. But heah nah... we use tuh get de full plum dem and make lil slits on de side tuh suck up de chow juice. In dat chow is loud peppa and salt, shadow benny and garlic...blackpeppa tuh boot and we put dis ting with plenty sauce in ah big glass jar wit ah cover.. dem big ole mayonnaise jars from long time. And gyal ..after we well concock dis chow.. we dig ah big hole in de grong and bury dat chow tail for ah few days let it marinade dey in de earth. Me doh know what de purpose ah dat was.. but my older cousins say it use tuh make de chow taste betta.. Man. when dat chow get resurrect from de grong dem brown and fat and plump wit de sause and talk bout HOT and JUICY and TASTY and ting tuh wok yuh belly fuh days? Dat was chow ma..

    We used to dare eachodda afta tuh drink dong de sauce. Man i do dat and feel all de back ah meh troat get skin right dey.

    But yeah.. we do cherry, guava, mango,pomarack, pomseetay lol @ de spellin...ah neva do cashew doh... but it sound good...de guava chow used tuh make we cork ...lol..mammyapple chow...man i come here in canada and buss dong ah apple chow and chutney ..it cut nice eh lol

    neways batey.. i gettin edgy tinkin bout all dem wonderful chows.. some of we cousins visitin from abroad use tuh reaaaaaaaaaaaal enjoy dem too.. dey get de squirts for ah few days but dat was ah good lil clean out fuh dem.




  • chow is chow, any fruit in season and could make chow, i does make chow with. lol.

    ah does put shadow beni, salt, blackpepper, garlic, plenty pepper sauce, ketchup, ah touch of sugar and ah little water. and leave dat to simmer.

    Allyuh know yuh had chow with ketchup and it taste reallllllll good, so dont even go skinning up yuh face like yuh never tried it.

    Now the sugar is for greedy people, cause no matter how hot ah chow is, if yuh put ah little sugar in it you really dont realise how hot the pepper is until the next day. lol. dont let the taste fool yuh, just because yuh could breathe and feel yuh tongue when yuh eating my chow, dont mean that you not going to pay for it. lol

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have never heard ketchup in chow - and I've tasted chow in a variety of fruits! I have to try it!

    My favourite is the all popular Pineapple Chow - since its sweet and juicy and helps with the pepper!

    Apart from the seasonal favourites - Vere mango makes the best mango chow!!! Chennette Chow is pretty tasty as well!

    I did try to make tamarind chow - but nah it only good for balls and stews!

  • julien
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    1 decade ago

    geezz an ages ah supposed to do the people wuk yuh know but ah see chow ting and ah jus can't pass by.

    Trini all dem chow good , we so good we could make ah paper chow even ah e-chow cause meh mouth watering for some allyuh call out dey !

    In wuk here dem man make ah aloes chow ! YES and people eat dat yes !

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  • Chef D
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    1 decade ago

    My all time favorite will have to be mango with pommecythere running a close second.

    It wasn't made with a lot, just chado beni, salt , garlic, lime juice, hot peppers and at times Spanish thyme.. Grind them all up, and mix it together with your chopped fruit, add a little water and you're good to go.. I almost forgot about cucumber chow, which I love to this day.

    I bought some mango chow from a Trini Vendor on eastern parkway on labor day and boy let me tell you, the chow was one of the best I ever had, don't know what he put in it but it was good..

  • Resh
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    1 decade ago

    girl living in san juan with all ah meh cousins was real maddness wen it come to chow yes.

    all kinda chow, apple chow, plum chow(my favourite) cucumber, pineapple... and the list goes on and on...

    i remember the time they make ah chennette chow with too much pepper, well the remedy was to add some ketchup!!! yuh girl screw she face(ewww) but stilol eat it cuz, it eventually taste real good!!!

    not to mention the famous boil egg chow!!!!! dat is fuh wen yuh craving chow, wen no kinda fruits in season, but yuh neighbour does mind real fowl!!!!!


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Gual...I eat Soo Much ah chow with all differnt kin a din ah....i make chow with plum..cumumber...pomcetrere..tomatoes..orange..pineapple... and d list goes on and on....

    Let meh tell yuh how I does make it eh....

    In dis case we dealing with pineapple ( my fave.)

    Cut i up and put it in ah bowl...

    add salt, blackpeper,showbenne,alittle bit a garlic and mix..

    Now for d spectaula part "ADD PEPER"

    I does nomally use peper sauce

    then add some lime juice and there you go...

    "~♥CASEY'S CHOW~♥"

    Source(s): Eat and enjoy... Gosh ur makin meh mouth water...=D
  • 1 decade ago

    ah cyar count de amount ah chow we use to make an' eat as chirren. we use to make all dem wha' allyuh done say plus real cherry an tambran chow.

    right now chennet/kennep in season so my chirren all up in de chennet chow. ay ay, ah almos' fo'get zaboca chow. allyuh should try dat one! buh de zaboca cyar be too sorf eh.

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