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Anonymous asked in SportsMartial Arts · 1 decade ago

Is Tony Jaa cold or what?

Ong Bak

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  • Judoka
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    1 decade ago
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    Or What!.... He is an actor. He grew up on a rural farm and loved going to the town to wtch clasic Kung Fu movies. He dreamed of becoming a director, and stunt man in the films. His father took him to a friend of his who taught Muay Thai and worked in the film industry. He took him under his wing and taught him the busness and movie style fighting and stunt work. He acted or did stunt work in a few movies in the late 90s then someone saw his work and gave him a shot in Ong Bak.

    He never fought nor trained for fighting his martial arts training is very much like Jackie Chans, for stunt/movie work. Not to say it would not be efective if need be. But you cannot watch what a person does in a movie and use it to determine their real life skill level. They get multiple takes have cables to help them jump higher and the guys they're fighting in the movies are diving for them.

    Is he a great performer? Ya good martial artist sure... But not a fighter. Basicaly Jaa, Lee, Li, Chan, Van Damme, Segal... With the exception of Chuck Noris none of them had any real fighting experience. Noris is a former NAtional and Worl Karate champion. The closest one of the other group to him is Li he is a 4 time China national Wushu kata, chanpion

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ong Bak was amazing...Tony Jaa is truly a master. Not many have seen him and if they have they saw him in the "Protector"...a pretty bad movie besides the martial arts. People need to go and watch Ong Bak to understand why he is better than your Bruce Lees and jackie Chans.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Better then Bruce Lee? I think not. Tony Jaa didn't need to slow down because the camera couldn't keep up. Even when they used a high speed camera on Bruce Lee to record his unstoppable punch, it was still too fast for the eye.

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  • 1 decade ago

    To quote the above link on Tony Jaa:

    "Highly Skilled in Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, swordplay and gymnastics."

    "Does 8 hours of gymnastics, Muay Thai, and other sports training a day."

    "Stunt-man turned actor who does not use any wire work or CG effects in his stunts."

    Sounds like a serious Martial Artist to me. According to the above link that is.

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