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9/11 conspiracy--flight 93 shot down.?

This is the only 9/11 "conspiracy" I would buy into. Only because shooting down the plane would be the right thing to do considering what happened earlier that morning. If this was a conspiracy that happened, would it really be that bad to make up a "feel good" story about the passengers rising up and saying "let's roll!!!!!" and taking down the plane? I don't think so. Better to shoot it down than for it to ram into another building.

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    My friend and I were talking about this last night and I agree with you, this is the only "conspiracy" I would buy into. I think it's possible and no, I don't have a problem with it because more people would have died if the plane would have reached it's intended target.

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    So the lady that actually watched the plane crash, I guess is yelling, give it rest, these 9-11 Conspiracy theories are getting dumber and dumber, especially when science and the Popular Mechanics articles debunked every theory.

    9-11 conspiracy theorists are guys that never made cool friends in school, the outcats, always wanted to be accepted but weren't no they see this as chance to be accepted to they joined and bought into 9-11 conspiracy theories merry band of losers to finally get a few friends, and disrespect the lives lost that day, kinda of pathetic don't you think

    Source(s): soldiers point of view
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    So the female that certainly watched the plane crash, i assume is yelling, provide it relax, those 9-11 Conspiracy theories have become dumber and dumber, particularly while technological information and the generic Mechanics articles debunked each concept. 9-11 conspiracy theorists are adult adult males that for the time of no way made cool friends at school, the outcats, continually needed to be generic yet weren't no they see this as hazard to be generic to they joined and offered into 9-11 conspiracy theories merry band of losers to ultimately get some friends, and brush aside the lives lost that day, kinda of pathetic do no longer you think of

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    Actually there were no fighters within range of the aircraft at the time. The condition of the wreckage is consistant with an uncontrolled dive at high speed. There is no trace of missile fragments or explosives on the wings or engines. Which is where the damage from a sidewinder would be. Oh and I work at Boeing and got the reports of the wreckage thru the company.

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    No. The passengers called home and gave real time info to their loved ones. The plane was flying at low altitude which explains why cell phones worked.

    CTs (not you) falsely claim that cell phones do not work on aircraft. This may be true at 35,000 feet. The planes were low enough to hit buildings.

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    have you not see Fight 93, that was a movie that had alot of details, passengers calling home to their families and heroically tried to defend themselfs from an even more destructive death. The situation that the have gone though is exactly what i have done also, no matter with the outcome had been. Yes intercepter jets were scrammbled but it was too late.

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    Honestly, not to come off as mean or evil, but I am so sick of all these insane conspiracy theories that I think anyone who broaches one should be locked up in a looney house for at least 5 years, kept heavily medicated.

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    you conspiracy kooks are just the most psychotic, dillisional folks around and should be locked up! Every significant event has to be some damn conspiracy despite multitudes of evidence contrary to it. Yet when this evidence is presented, it must be made up!!

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    Whatever happened on the tragic day, innocent people died that day, and I think it is time to let the families grieve in peace, without us having to rehash details of how and what happened.

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    it was not shot down they have released the audio from the cockpit and you hear the terrorist saying to take it down

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