Making outfits for all occasions!!!?

I will post your outfit in details so check back soon.




Grade entering:




Other comments:

If you don't want an outfit,don't post any snide little comments,about whatever.I will do any outfits,or more then one just let me know.

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    Name: Sara


    Style: Cute Prep

    Grade entering:10

    Likes: Ae, Hollister, Pac Sun, etc.

    Dislikes: Ralph Lauren and Hot Topic

    Occasion: just school please.

    Other comments: I guess I am a prep, but I don't wear collared shirts or khakis. I love polka dots and my body type is very thin and 5 ft 7ish

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    . Name: Beatrice

    . Age: 16

    . Style: Prep i guess . Classy . Girly . Unique

    . Grade Entering: 11th

    . Likes: black && white , but i also LOVE color . unique flats with straight leg jeans. ALOT of accessories (gold, silver, beads, braclets), sometimes i like bellbottoms but depends on the shoe, sandals, tunics and tunics with empire waists, drape necks, jackets over camisole with lace, uum. mini jackets, wife beaters, poloshirts, short dresses, aand when im feeling lazy, and oversized hoody =]

    . Dislike: well not much, i dont like baggy pants, those waffel gymshoes, a plain old t shirt i have to layer or through some kind of jewlery in, && um ... thats about it

    . Occasion: well i dont dress up only for an occasion . i try to look my best whenever i go out =]

    [[ PEACE!* ]]

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    1 decade ago

    Name: Aliza


    Style:Layered, original, unique, neon, punky, emo,

    Grade entering:__My country doesnt have grades, we work in years.

    Likes: My chemical romance??, neon colours, emo styled people, original unique outfits plastic jewlery && hello kitty, skinny jeans, converse..Neon leg warmers.

    Dislikes: Preps, Too much bling, Plastics, sluts.

    Occasion: Shopping and movies with friends and meeting my boyfriend afterwards.

    Other comments: Im quite chubby && pear shaped, if that makes a difference, Am about a size UK 12-14. Thank youu! <3 x

    whats taking you so long with the outfit??

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Name: Julie

    Age: 17

    Style: Trendy

    Grade entering: Senior

    Likes: Barneys, Abercrombie, Nemin Marcus, and Saks

    Dislikes: Aeropostle

    Occasion: Casual

    Other comments: Hope you can make me an outfit!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Name: Courtney

    Age: 13

    Style: I like layering and cute things!

    Grade entering: 8th (entered!)

    Likes: I like Hollister, AE, Abercrombie (kids and fitch), and Aero but if there's a store that u especially like than thats okay too.

    Dislikes: punk and rocker style

    Occasion: I'll probably wear it to school so nothing to short because they've changed the school rule....and its kinda chilly anyway!

    Other comments: Thanks soo much!!!!! ***Courtney :-)

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    Okie!! .. =P //.

    Name. Rojda

    Age. 12

    Style. Preppy Girly Cute Unique

    Grade Entering. 8

    Likes. Baby doll tops / dark red,Purple,Green,grey&&black / Skinny jeans / Vests / Cute Accessorries / Cute Shoes

    Dislikes. Things that match TOO TOO much / Boring Outfits /

    Occasion. Hanging out/ Mall/ Movies

    .Others Comments. Nothing

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Name: Crispi

    Age: 13

    Style: preppy, girly, casual

    Grade entering (already in): 8th

    LIkes: I like the stores abercrombie kids and abercrombie and fitch, hollister, ae, aero, old navy, wetseal, alloy, forever21, charlotte russe. I like anything except jeans w/h pink

    Dislikes: punk stores

    Occasion: There is this guy i like and he might like me so can you make me a flirty fun outfit? ( i would like to include this mini skirt from abercrombie kids - clearance section - skirts- second one over it's white) I see him on Saturday .

    Can you also make me an outfit for the sunday i see him at church? My church isn't dressy we just don't wear: tube , tank tops, or flipflops! :) HOpe you can help. thanks a bunch

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    1 decade ago





    dresses over jeans, hoodies, skinny jeans, flats, graphic tees



    i love purple and i shop at ae and wetseal


  • 1 decade ago



    Preppy Chic,"tomboy" sporty girly cute


    I like almost everything




  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Name: Christina

    Age: 13

    Style: Preppy, girly, cute

    Grade entering: 8th

    Likes: skinny jeans with flats, skirts, layering, cute short shorts

    Dislikes: red or bright blue skinny jeans, hate emo/black stuff

    Occasion: Fall Festival(carnival rides and then a casual dance)

    Other Comments: i like abercrombiekids, A&F, Hollister, American Eagle, and Juicy Couture(for accessories). it can't be just a t-shirt and jeans cuz i like to dress up a little with accessories. u can email it 2 me. ok thanks♥♥♥

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