Comparing the AFC and NFC?

Best QBs?

Best RBs?

Best WRs?

Best TEs?

Best Defenses?

Best Offenses?

Best Coaching?

Best Rookies?

Better Criminals?

If you want to give a few names/teams to make your case, great. By best I mean in the entire conference, does the AFC have more top QBs than the NFC, and so on. This is just a test to see for sure which conference everyone thinks has an advantage in certain areas...just for kicks...

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    QB's - AFC, hands down. Peyton, Brady, Palmer, etc... The NFC has Bulger, Brees, and Hasselbeck, good, but not Peyton and Brady.

    RB's - AFC; LT, LJ, Travis Henry, Maroney while the NFC has S. Jax, Gore, and Shaun Alexander. I'd go with the AFC again.

    WR's - I think the NFC gets the nod here - T.O., Steve Smith, Driver, Roy Williams, Fitz and Boldin and Holt. The AFC's Marvin, Reggie, CJ, and Javon are the cream of the crop in that conference, which may be better at the top, but as a whole, I think the NFC get's it.

    TE's - NFC East may have better TE's than any conference - Shockey, Cooley, Witten, and LJ Smith when healthy.

    Best D's - AFC, no doubt, Baltimore, Denver, San Diego and New England are all super bowl picks because defense wins super bowls and these are 4 of the top 5 defenses.

    Best O's - AFC again, offenses win super bowls and most of the aforementioned teams have top O's. Then add Indy and Cincy. Who does the NFC have, New Orleans?

    Best Coaching - New England, so the AFC

    Best Rookies - I don't know because none of them have played yet. But, I heard a good reason why the AFC is so much better than the NFC lately and that's because while San Fran, Dallas, and Green Bay where winning all those super bowls the AFC sucked and where scooping up top draft picks. With that reasoning, it seems that while the AFC has been beating up the NFC so badly lately, the NFC is getting most of the top draft picks and the NFC should rebound. It's a cyclical thing. So, since I agree with that analysis, I'd say the NFC should have the better rookies.

    Criminals - AFC - Bengals and Titans win that one alone. Tank out of the NFC and then they have the most high profile one in Mike Vick, but the Bengals should win this category alone.

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    1 decade ago

    Best QBs - AFC (Manning, Brady, Palmer)

    Best RBs - AFC (LT, LJ)

    Best WRs - NFC (Holt, S. Smith, R. Williams, S. Moss)

    Best TEs - AFC (Gonzalez, Gates, Heap)

    Best Defenses - AFC (Ravens, Patriots, Chargers)

    Best Offenses - AFC (Colts, Patriots, Bengals)

    Best Coaching - AFC (Patriots, Colts)

    Best Rookies - Can't tell yet

    Better Criminals - AFC (Pacman, Bengals)

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    best qb- AFC Manning and brady. enough said

    rb AFC -LT LJ ADDAI 3 1500+ yard rushers this year

    WR - AFC- harrison wayne moss c. johnson.

    TE AFC gate and gonzales best 2


    OFF NFC although it is close, the best O is in Indy but

    NO and Stl will score i think only becuase there is no D in nfc




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    My picks (with a few examples following)

    QBs - AFC (Peyton, Brady, McNair, Green, Roethlisberger, Palmer)

    RBs - AFC (LT, Willie Parker, Addai, McGahee, Faulk)

    WRs - AFC (Whosyourmama, C Johnson, Ward, Holmes)

    TEs - N/A

    Defense - AFC (Colts, Pats, AFC North excluding Browns, Jags, SD)

    Offense - AFC (Colts, Pats, AFC North excluding Browns, SD)

    Coaching - AFC (Colts, Pats, AFC North excluding Browns, Broncs)

    Rookies - It's week one. Check back in a few weeks.

    Criminals - AFC. The better criminals never get caught. ;-)

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    I can answer the better criminal part.

    NFC because of pure numbers. :) In the NFC you have Vick and Tank. In the AFC you have Pacman and half the Cincy roster!!!!!!

    NFC has the better criminals cause they don't caught as often. ;)

  • 1 decade ago

    AFC for all!!

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