Help me choose my wedding dress, please!?

Which do you like better and why?




Please don't say "neither" ;D


Hmm... when I move my cursor over the broken links, the whole link shows up. Let me try again.

Update 2:

Oh, and the wedding is Hawaiian themed; thus the dresses. Thanks ;D

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    I like teh second dress better, hands down. The top is more elegant and I like the cut of it - it looks slimming (Which I ALWAYS LOVE!!! =) and graceful. The first dress looks like a sun dress...pretty, but I think it looks too informal for a wedding...but, I don't know what you're going for. My absolute favorite is the one that Monica posted from Alohaz...I don't know if you wanted an all-white dress, but I think that one is absolutely'll be a showstopper in it!! So, my suggestion would be the white one...but you are married to your two, then I would go for dress number 2...especially because you have really pronounced collar bones (whtaever that means) and a strapless would look fab.

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    i like the first dress for brides made

    and the second dress for you

    ofcoarse it matters what you fell more comfortable in

    heres another dress i found pretty

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    Ok, I absolutely LOVE the Hawaiian culture. These dresses mean that you love it too. I like the bottom on the first dress and the top of the second dress. Since you need to look gorgeous on your wedding day, I say pick the first dress if you like that "Cinderella" looking bottom, but if you want the sexier look, tube top, more shape-hugging, pick #2. Honestly? I think they are both gorgeous! Good luck! XOXO!

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    Your links don't work.

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    Well neither of them are the typical wedding dress but if i had to choose one i would say the second one definitely because it seems more "wedding" then the other one

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    the second link is incomplete but i like the quality of the looks i saw on #2

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    I like the second choice better, cuz it is more sexy and wedding like. Maybe use the first choice for the bridemaids dress.

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    links don't work

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    I wish that I could help you but your link doesn't work. Send me an email address if you wish.

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    hi dear!

    i wud lv to help u out...but as every1 else said"ur links dont work"

    try writing em again!

    good luck anyways!

    happy marriage!


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