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chronic constipation?

What can I do for chronic constipation that will work quickly...especially for upper stomach?

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    You should see a doctor to rule of any type of medical condition first. Laxatives are habit forming and can cause problems with overuse. I would suggest increasing your fiber and water intake.

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    Chronic constipation can be caused by a number of things. A healthy digestive tract will have 3 bowel movements per day and they should be long brown and smooth.

    There are a few products that you can take to help "clean out" your digestive tract as well as your colon. It works gentle enough that it doesn't act like a laxative, and you don't get "cramping" sensations when you need to go. It's very natural.

    One is a colon cleanse. It's very gentle on the stomach and intestines as I said above. This should be taken for 30 days (1 packet per day) and it should be done every 6 months to promote a healthy digestive tract.

    Another is Cape Aloe Capsules. They will also aid your digestive system in eliminating waste. You can take both of these together, it will not over stimulate your body.

    Good Luck and I hope this helps!

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    I know the feeling I had cronic constipation too. I would have a bowel movement once every 2 weeks. I had a lot of bleeding from being so constipated. Doctors refer this a IBS iratable Bowel Syndrome. I went to a health seminar and realized I had poor digestion where I was introduced to a cleansing product. The one that works for me is a nutriclean 7 day cleanse. Drink lots of water! I then reduced the ammount of red meat in my diet to 1 time a week and less white flour. I do a cleanse every 90 days and my digestions is so much better! You should give it a try.

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    Best Constipation Cures

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    Homeopathic Remedies for Constipation purchase at health food store, co op, or local pharmacies may carry homeopathics.

    Constipation is a problem for many people in today’s busy world. There are nearly as many causes of constipation as there are people suffering from it. Although homeopathy offers several gentle alternatives to harsh laxatives, dietary and lifestyle changes may also be needed.

    Nux vomica 6c: This remedy is well known in homeopathic circles for helping in cases of constipation that develop in individuals who work too hard, exercise too little, and drink and eat too much. People benefiting from this remedy often have the urge to defecate, but are unsuccessful, passing only a small quantity, although this does provide some relief. Nux vomica is also helpful for people who are dependent on laxatives and have headaches that accompany the constipation. Nux vomica 6c can be taken three times daily for up to ten days.

    Sepia 30c: This remedy is useful for women who develop constipation just before or just after menstruation. It is also known for helping pregnant women with difficult bowel movements. This remedy is indicated if there is a heavy sensation in the rectum that remains even after a bowel movement, stools are hard and difficult to pass (although they may be small), exercise brings relief to the condition, and cold hands and feet are present. Sepia 30c can be taken in the amount of three doses in a twenty-four-hour period, once a month.

    Sulphur 6c: Afflicted people may alternate between constipation and diarrhea. They have dry, hard stools at intervals of a few days or more and an inflamed rectum with burning pain; no relief is experienced from passing the stool. Sulphur may be useful in pregnancy. Sulphur 6c can be taken three times daily for up to ten days; its use should be reduced when improvement is noted.

    for more information on homeopathy check out:

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    What do you mean by upper stomach? DO you mean intestinal? Try adding fiber. Drink metamucil one 8 oz glass every night before bed. That should stimulate the bowels and help regularity.

    You should see your Dr. though to rule out any gastro issues. You want to make sure you don't have Colitis, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS, Colon Cancer etc. Your Dr. will make the decision on how to move forward. But for a more quick relief try sugar free metamucil 8 oz a night.

    Please see your Dr. Your BOWEL HEALTH IS IMPORTANT!!!

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    Maybe. If chronic constipation is a problem, try prayer to see if it will help. Maybe it will lessen the "uncomfortableness" of it. Good luck!

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    Eat high fiber diet and drink at least one litre of water in the early morning. This will solve your constipation problem completely.

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    Prunes work really well, either whole or prune juice. Like everyone else says though see your doc to rule out any reason for it. ALSO as fibre actually 'bulks up' your poo as opposed to getting your bowels moving (which prunes do) it can actually bung you up even more if you don't increase your fluid intake sufficiently.

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    Besides drinking more water you must improve your diet.

    More fruit and vegies and bread, cereals and muesli and pasta, potatoes and nuts.

    Red meat is the worst and can actually give you colon cancer and eggs are no good either. Fish is better than chicken.

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