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I own a 02 pt cruiser. The speedometer and tachnometer stopped working. What is causing this? How do I fix it?

I own a 02 pt cruiser. After jump starting, the speedometer&tachometer doesn't move up anymore, stays at zero. Everthing else powers up just fine. All the lcd's on the dashboard lights up properly. The needles on the speedometer&tachnometer moves from off position to zero when I turn on the ignition. Therefore power is not a problem. I am hoping I can fix this by myself, instead of going to a mechanic where I might be tricked into replacing the whole dash board when I don't need to.

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    This happens frequently when the power is interrupted. It is caused by the computers in the car losing communication over the ccd bus line. To reset the computers and re-establish communication, disconnect both battery cables. Then hold the two cable ends together for 10 seconds.(if they won't reach, use a wrench to span the gap). Then reconnect the battery cables and test. This should fix it quickly. This happens once or twice a week at my shop and this repair has never failed to work. Hope this helps.

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    The speedometer is driven off the Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) and often accounts for it not working. But in your case it sounds like some troubleshooting will be needed to see why the VSS is not registering on the speedometer. See the website below.

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    touch the cables for 2 seconds woks

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