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I received an email message from Yahoo Awards Centre.?

I received an email message from Yahoo Awards Centre that my mail address has won 720,000.00 pounds. Please let me know whether this is true or not.

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    Scam!!!! I think by now Yahoo should post alerts. Don't do what they ask, just delete it.

  • Anonymous
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    This is NOT from yahoo. Contact, The best way is to view the full header of the email and copy/paste it to an email to abuse, then attach the email. Yahoo take this very seriously, and will stop it quickly. ALL these emails form wherever are scams, I know of someone who paid the sender 14,000.00 GBP as transfer and other fees, then found their bank account had been robbed. by this time the sender was no longer around! So report them quickly, and prevent the less informed from being conned.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!!!!!

    did you buy any tickets!!

    there is no such thing as a email lottery.

    i get 30/40 email's a day from those scams as i thought id be clever and reply to one with false details just to see what theyed say next.

    a got a repliy asking for the administration fee of £45 to process the money.

    and sevral thosand email every month saying ive won thousands from all differant countries.

    plus i now get email offering pills to improve sex drive, make your **** bigger, condoms, viagra, stuff like that and all kinds of computer software at low prices

    Source(s): personal experiance
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    SCAM!!!! There is no such thing as a Yahoo Awards Center. . .even try to search for info on it, you won't find any. . .apparently I won too and so did the next person and the next. . .

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    totally fishing email trying to get you to put your credit card info and other personal info into some site. yahoo contacts people by snail mail for such things.

  • OgieV
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    1 decade ago

    Just delete it, it is a SCAM, do not reply on it, or send any information about yourself, like bank accounts...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    99.99% probility that it is a scam.

    Are they asking for your bank account details?

    Are they asking you to pay an up front fee before they will send you the money?

    It is a scam.

  • acklan
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    1 decade ago

    Forward that email to

    That is called "phishing".

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    this is a scam. please do not respond to it.

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