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Senior Project Topic..?

I want to do my project on Airplanes FAA and stuff like that...but for the project you need to prove a point and how it is important and stuff...I want to know what I can do make this my topic cuz I really like the airplane crash stuff...not the fact that people died, that makes me sad... but what went wrong with the aircraft to cause a fatal accident.

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    Most NTSB (they investigate plane crashed) cite pilot error as a main or contributing cause. It is extremely rare that a mechanical part fails to a degree that the pilot couldn't make a reasonably safe landing. I'd find some examples of crashes caused by pilot error. You could easily make a main point about pilots not being entirely familiar with their aircraft (complexity of modern aircraft), fatigue or that while English is the language used by all pilots and controllers. many non native English speaking pilots or controllers aren't exactly fluent.

    To get you started look up the Tenerife Disaster. Killing 583 people it is the worst aviation disaster in history. It all came about by a simple miscommunication between a controller and pilot.

    I recall another occurance around New York where a Brazillian airlines circled awating instructiong to land because the crew didn't know enough English to basically say "we have to land now!" There was a case at Pittsburgh resulting in a near crash when a landing plane was told to contact ground control but accidentially contacted that aircraft's company's ramp control instead. One of the more recent crashed in Lexington Kentucky was due to the pilots lining up on the wrong (way too short) runway when it was dark out. There are many, many more human error type situations that I could think of, but you should do research on your own. I'm just trying to prime the pump so to speak.

    Hope that gets you started. Best of luck, but fair warning, if you spend your time looking for what physical parts of the airplane failed on their own (like your wording leads me to believe) then you'll have tons more research and barely scratch the surface. I've been involved in aviation since I was 18 and TWA flight 800 and the de Havlland Comet series of failures are the only 2 major accidents that involve a failure of a physical component of an airplane that the pilot could not have saved the aircraft that I am aware of. You'll be a long time barking up that tree to find enough to make a project topic out of.

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    well, since you are interested on the causes of airplanes malfunction, you can look up this term on the internet, but it will be better if you go to a library database. Since it is your senior project, you will need a strong thesis statement and well-document paragraphs that support your thesis statement. It will be good for you if you could find statistics of this type of accident and ways to prevent it in the future.

    Good luck!

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