Lee Bond Whitzel...Lets try this again...?

I am looking for information on this man to see if he has any connection to the famous Robert E. Lee....Lee Whitzel was born Dec. 16, 1899 and died June 6, 1995...Born in Peru, Indian and died in the state of Illinois...He was an only child...His mother and father were Edwin Whitzel and Fern Hazel Clunk...... Lee Bond Whitzel...?

I am looking for information on this man to see if he has any connection to the famous Robert E. Lee....Lee Whitzel was born Dec. 16, 1899 and died June 6, 1995...Born in Peru, Indian and died in the state of Illinois...He was an only child...His mother and father were Edwin Whitzel and Fern Hazel Clunk......

Fern Clunks mother was Frances Lee...And she was born Oct 4, 1854...and her parents were Jesse Lee and Nancy Bond...Jesse Lees father was Richard Henry Lee and no mother is mentioned on record for Jesse...Nancy was Born in 1820...No other information is on record...Furn Hazel Clunk Had a sister named Cora...

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    1 Henry LEE b: 1691 d: 1747

    + Mary BLAND b: 21 AUG 1703 d: 1764

    2 Henry LEE , LTC b: 1729 d: 1787

    + Lucy GRYMES b: 26 APR 1734

    3 Henry "Light Horse Harry" LEE , General b: 19 JAN 1756 d: 25 MAR 1818

    + Matilda LEE b: 1763 d: ABT 1790

    4 Lucy Grymes LEE b: 1786

    4 Henry "Black Horse Harry" LEE b: 1787

    4 Nathaniel Green LEE b: 1788

    4 Philip Ludwell LEE b: 1789

    + Ann Hill CARTER b: OCT 1773 d: 10 JUL 1829

    4 Algernon Sydney LEE b: 1795

    4 Charles Carter LEE b: 1798

    4 Anne Kinloch LEE b: 1800

    4 Sydney Smith LEE b: 1802

    4 Robert Edward LEE , General CSA b: 19 JAN 1807 d: 12 OCT 1870

    + Mary "Mollly" Ann Randolph CUSTIS b: 1 OCT 1807 d: 5 NOV 1873

    5 George Washington Custis LEE b: 16 SEP 1832 d: 18 FEB 1913

    + Lavina Catherine HADEN b: 22 MAR 1842

    6 Sarah Ella LEE b: 21 APR 1878 d: 23 JAN 1937

    + Clement Roy CHAPMAN

    6 Martha Jane LEE

    6 John Willliam LEE

    6 James Thomas LEE

    6 George Ruben Pete LEE

    6 Rebecca Elizabeth LEE

    6 Mary Frances LEE

    6 Albert Monroe LEE

    5 Mary Custis LEE b: 1835 d: 1918

    5 William Henry Fitzhugh Rooney LEE b: 1837 d: 1891

    + Charlotte WICKHAM

    + Mary Tabb BOLLING

    5 Anne Carter "Annie" LEE b: 1839 d: 1862

    5 Eleanor Agnes LEE b: 1841 d: 1873

    5 Robert E. LEE b: 1843 d: 1914

    + Charlotte Taylor HAXALL

    + Juliet CARTER

    5 Mildred LEE b: 1846 d: 1905

    4 Catherine Mildred LEE b: 1811

    3 Richard Bland LEE b: 31 JUL 1753 d: 12 MAR 1827

    + Elizabeth COLLINS

    4 Mary Ann LEE

    4 Richard Bland LEE , Jr.

    4 Ann Matilda LEE

    4 Cornelia LEE

    4 Zacheus Collins LEE , Judge

    3 Edmund Jennings LEE b: 20 MAY 1772 d: 30 MAY 1843

    + SARAH

    4 Edmund Jennings LEE , Jr.

    4 Anne Harriotte LEE

    4 Sarah LEE

    4 William Fitzhugh LEE , Rev.

    4 Hannah LEE

    4 Cassius Francis LEE

    4 Susan Meade LEE

    4 Charles Henry LEE

    4 Richard Henry LEE , Judge

    3 Charles LEE , General b: 1758 d: 24 JUN 1815

    + Anne LEE b: 1 DEC 1770 d: 9 SEP 1804

    + Margaret Christian SCOTT

    3 Mary LEE b: 1764

    + Philip FENDALL

    3 Theodorick LEE b: 3 SEP 1766 d: 10 APR 1849

    3 Lucy LEE b: 1774

    3 Anne LEE b: 1776 d: 1857

    2 Female LEE b: 1732

    2 John LEE b: 1724 d: 1767

    + Mary SMITH b: 1725

    2 Richard LEE b: 1726 d: 1795

    + Sarah POYTHRESS b: 7 AUG 1731 d: AFT 25 JUN 1788

    2 Laetitia LEE b: 1730 d: 1788

    + William BALL b: 1730

    2 Anne LEE b: 1732

    Dennis LEE

    + Ann HAGERMAN

    2 Abraham LEE

    2 Jesse A. LEE b: 30 OCT 1820 d: 19 MAR 1906

    + Nancy BOND b: 26 JUN 1820 d: 29 MAR 1904

    3 Harriet Ann LEE b: 02 AUG 1848 d: ?deceased

    + David STITT b: 22 MAR 1843 d: 16 DEC 1917

    4 Robbie STITT

    4 Stella F. STITT b: 08 MAR 1869 d: 14 APR 1957

    + Abel LANDREN

    5 Gladys LANDREN

    + Augustus BRAGG

    4 Leonard G. STITT b: 05 DEC 1873 d: 15 JUL 1928

    + Pearl JONES b: 31 AUG 1873 d: APR 1967

    4 Bessie STITT b: 21 SEP 1880 d: 20 OCT 1952

    + Elmer G. LEE

    4 Jesse Travers STITT b: 20 JAN 1890 d: NOV 1968

    + Eva Marie MILLER d: BEF 1943

    5 Margaret Ellen STITT b: 25 OCT 1914 d: 09 NOV 1917

    + Living WILSON

    6 Living WILSON

    + Living HOPKINS

    5 Living STITT

    + Living BOWLEY

    6 Michael Scott BOWLEY b: 24 NOV 1941 d: 26 NOV 1941

    6 Living BOWLEY

    5 Living STITT

    + Living ?

    6 Living STITT

    6 Living STITT

    + Gertrude WISE b: 28 NOV 1892 d: DEC 1973


    Sorry, I could not find a connection. There hasn't been much work done on Lee Bond Whitzel on Ancestry.com or AWT so it doesn't mean that there isn't one. I found many UNSOURCED tree's for the family with many different ANCESTRIES. So I would suggest if you do start your own tree be careful and use CENSUS Records. You could really get messed up if you only go by other peoples trees.

    Good luck

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    4 people have Jesse and Nancy on RWWC, which several others have mentioned. Jesse paid for a page in a puff biography book, which one RWWC data base has transcribed. From it:

    Mr. Lee [Jesse] was born in Pickaway County, Ohio, on October 30, 1820, and is a son of Dennis and Annie (Hagerman) Lee. It is thought that the Lee family is of English origin, but there is no history to substantiate this belief, for Dennis Lee was left an orphan in infancy and knew nothing of his ancestors.

    Lee is in the 24th most common surname in the USA, according to the US Census bureau.


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    You may want to try and contact the person who put the following family tree online at: http://wc.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=m... She only has one LEE on her tree, but it is in connection w/ Fern CLUNK.

    She just may not be pursuing that branch of the tree, but may have additional information or a contact who is or has made the Robert E. Lee connection.

    This person updated the tree in 2006, so, hopefully her email address is still valid.

    Happy hunting...

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    www.ancestry.com had this in their census:

    You searched for Lee Bond Whitzel born in Indiana in 1899 and died in Illinois in 1995

    Historical Records

    1920 United States Federal Census

    about Lee Whitzel

    Name: Lee Whitzel

    [Lee Whetzel]

    Home in 1920: Jackson, Miami, Indiana

    Age: 20 years

    Estimated birth year: abt 1900

    Birthplace: Indiana

    Relation to Head of House: Grandson

    Father's name: Edwin

    Father's Birth Place: Indiana

    Mother's name: Fern H

    Mother's Birth Place: Indiana

    Marital Status: Single

    Race: White

    Sex: Male

    Able to read: Yes

    Able to Write: Yes

    Image: 83

    Household Members: Name Age

    George M Clunk 67

    Francis Clunk 65

    Edwin Whitzel 46

    Fern H Whitzel 39

    From ancestry.com's Ancestry World Tree Project:

    ID: I54167

    Name: Lee Bond WHITEZEL

    Sex: M

    Birth: 16 DEC 1899 in North Grove, Illinois

    Marriage 1 Louora Jane CLOUSE b: 29 JUL 1899 in South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana

    Virginia census info on Richard Henry Lee, for year 1799:

    Virginia Census, 1607-1890

    about Richard Henry Lee

    Name: Richard Henry Lee

    State: VA

    County: Fauquier County

    Township: No Two Listed

    Year: 1779

    Record Type: Rent Role

    Page: NPN

    Database: VA Early Census Index

    Indiana Marriage Collection for Fern & Edwin Whitzel: from www.ancestry.com

    Indiana Marriage Collection, 1800-1941

    about Fern Clunk

    Name: Fern Clunk

    Spouse Name: Edwin Whitsel

    Marriage Date: 17 Feb 1898

    Marriage County: Miami

    Estimated birth year: 1880

    Age: 18

    Source Title 1: Miami County, Indiana

    Source Title 2: Index to Marriage Record 1850-1920 Inclusive Volum

    Source Title 3: Original Record Located County Clerks Office, Peru

    Book: C-10

    OS Page: 149

    www.familysearch.com: is the right Richard Henry Lee??

    FamilySearch™ International Genealogical Index


    Richard Henry Lee







    Mary Grisham

    Birth: About 1704 , , Virginia






    1. Mary Agnes Lee


    Birth: 15 MAR 1723 , Buckingham, Virginia


    Death: 12 NOV 1774 Lee Valley, Hawkins, Tennessee

    Burial: Lee Valley, Hawkins, Tennessee

    2. Elizabeth Lee


    Birth: About 1731 , Buckingham, Virginia


    Death: Lee Valley, Hawkins, Tennessee


    3. Gresham Lee


    Birth: About 1745 , Goochland, Virginia




    4. William Lee


    Birth: 24 JAN 1754 , Albemarle, Virginia


    Death: 02 DEC 1835 , Green, Kentucky


    5. Jessee Lee


    Birth: 1756 , , Virginia


    Death: , Oglethorpe, Georgia


    6. Archer Lee


    Birth: 1758 , , Virginia


    Death: About 1777 Rev War, , , Virginia


    7. Young Lee


    Birth: 1760 , Albemarle, Virginia


    Death: 22 SEP 1840 , Smyth, Virginia


    8. George Lee


    Birth: 1762 , , Virginia




    9. Abner Lee


    Birth: 1764 , , Virginia




    10. Dorothy Lee


    Birth: 1766 , , Virginia




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    I found all kinds of info about Robert E Lee, but couldn't get anywhere as far as tracing from his children on down (going forward). Going backward only takes you to his father, grandfather, etc.

    Source(s): www.ancestry.com www.familysearch.org www.rootsweb.com
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