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Why can't I access my router's GUI through

Hi Guys, I just bought a Dlink router, and it's default address is

I cannot access it's GUI and I'm wired to it through a typical cat5.

1.) When DHCP is enabled for my computer, the router fails to assign an adress. And I get the limited connectivity message.

2.) When I assign the following to my computer:

IP =

Subnet =

Gateway =

I still cannot access the GUI. Any ideas?



I forgot to mention that when I manually assign a static ip to my computer, Im not able to ping the router...

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    double check thats the true default gateway IP, check the status LEd on the nic in your PC and the router make sure it shows link (green light) see if you can ping the router from a command line ( ping if that fails try to ping your IP ( ping if that fails ping the loopback ( ping ) make sure the adapter is enabled in control panel > network connections > LAN connection

    If your nic and router shows a good link and you have both in the same network / subnet it should ping the gateway unless there is a firewall or security software blocking access. disable any firewalls for troubleshooting them turn them back on later

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    1. double check in manual that is correct default IP address.

    2. Use the reset button in case default settings have been misconfigured or tampered with.

    3. If you can't ping, seems likely that the port on the router or the cable itself is the problem. Do you have a straight-through or crossover cable? The router may not be autosensing, in which case you'd need the right kind. Try a different cable. Is the LAN link light okay (e.g. constant, then flashing for activity) on the router?

    4. I'm assuming in all this that you are plugging the PC straight into the router port. A switch or even worse another router in between changes things!

    5. Lastly, Dlink is *ahem, not the most expensive and reliable brand out there. I've had faulty dlink routers right out of the box.

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    Are you running under Windows? If so, click Start-->Run and type in "cmd". Then type in (into the command prompt) "ipconfig". Then, copy the number after "Default Gateway", and this should allow you GUI access to your routers settings. If not, it may be prompting you for a username/pass and your browser is not set to accept it, so check that too!

    Good luck!

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    I am sure you have doubled check BUT!

    May sure you did not use a crossover cable by mistake.

    Make sure you have the modem pluged into the WAN port on the router.

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