Bozeman Montana!!!! i need some help!?

ok.....Im doin this chart thing for Bozeman, Montana about the five geographical things, ones Location, ones place, anothers Human-Environmental-Interactions, ones Regions, and the last is Movement.............I got some of the project done but i still have some things left............can you guys help me?

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    One of the key ideas is that a "place" has a "location". So, "location" is a description of "where" the "place" is. For Bozeman, the location could be described as "located at 45°40′40″N, 111°2′50″W (45.677890, -111.047274)GR1". The location could be further described as "Bozeman is in Montana's Gallatin Valley." Or even further described as "Bozeman is 60 miles east of Butte (87 by road), 125 miles west of Billings (143 by road), and 93 miles north of Yellowstone National Park. Basically there are many ways to describe a "location"

    Another key idea is that a "place" has a "regions". Bozeman's "regions" could be school districts, zip code areas, building zones, city council districts, state representive districts, old part of town vs new parts of town, etc.

    Movement is a way to link places. You need to discuss the types of "movement" aviable in Bozeman and how that type of movement helps Bozemanites meet their needs.

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