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nj transit to cherry hill from central nj?


is there anyway for me to get to the Cherry Hill trainstation from either Metro Park of the Edison stations, even if it means changing trains? or is it possible via bus?

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    Hello. Unfortunately, there is no direct route to get from Edison/Metropark to Cherry Hill. However, there is a way to get there via train, but you will have to make two connections. First, take the train from Edison/Metropark to Trenton. Then, you will have to board a SEPTA R7 train at Trenton and take it to Philadelphia's 30th Street Station. Finally, you get back onto another New Jersey Transit train at 30th Street Station, which will be the Atlantic City Line, and you will take that one stop to Cherry Hill. The time of travel from Edison to Philadelphia's 30th Street Station takes approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes, including the transfer at Trenton to the SEPTA train, and will cost $15.25. The trip from Philadelphia's 30th Street Station to Cherry Hill will take about another 25 minutes, and will cost $3.25. In all, the trip from Edison to Cherry Hill, including the transfers and waiting for trains at the transfer stations, will take approximately 2 hours, and will cost $18.50. I hope this has been helpful for you. Good luck with your travels.

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    sorry but you have to go to Philly, 30th St.

    then to the Northeast Corridor to get to the next set of connections.

    You can take Amtrak

    or you must take SEPTA and transfer to NJ Transit in Trenton.

    long trip sorry to say

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    call tnj

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