is there any A/cs officer name Mr Adams frank in barclays bank betelay br west york?

An E mail I have received From somebody stated that I have Won 8500,000.00 pound starling by E.mail lottery and he also stating the said amount deposited at barclays bank plc f17 seq batelay branch uk for transfer to my a/cs at India and he advsed me to contact Mr Adams frank Accounts Officer Barclays Bank Batelay br.

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    I get at least one of those e-mails a day. They are scams. If I had won every lottery that I have never entered, I would never have to work another day in my life!! If you give them any of your personal information, especially banking information, they will clean you out!! Delete those e-mails and NEVER give out any personal information to anyone you do not know! You will probably get some telling you that you are the long lost relative of a recently deceased millionaire and are the only living heir to the money. If you go to you can usually look up these fraud e-mails.

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