why does the left bottom eye lid keeps jumping?

what does it mean when the left eye keeps dancing?

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    Eye twitching is typically caused by any of the following:

    * Corneal irritation or injury

    * Stress

    * Lack of sleep

    * Fatigue

    * Prolonged staring or eye strain

    * Neurological disorders

    * Possibly Hereditary

    There is also some mythology out there that says a left eye twitch is good luck and the right is bad luck, but it is difficult to come up with any firm sources on that.

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    Well I know this is probably one of the most annoying physical things to deal with. My eye twitched for 3 weeks solid. Drove me insane and I finally called the eye doc. It's allergies and sometimes stress. Best thing..take an allergy pill. There are some drops you can get from the optometrist that basically numb the eye but they are costly. Allergy medicine is cheaper.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): I also covered my eye to have not light shine in it and this helped. Really helped when doing computer work.
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    LOL It can be many things I'm told. Anything from stress to a pinched nerve. But God, isn't it annoying?

    Last week I had the upper lid of my right eye twitching and jumping every single day, it drove me batshit crazy.

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    Its got rhythm

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