Microsoft Access?

Does anyone know how to create a LOGIN form, or anything to be able to log in and out of a database through access.

I know you can make a login form with module codes, though i do not want this, and i know OF a way in which u can create this through access with out code

ANy help?

much appreciated

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You have basically two options for security in Microsoft Access. The first one is really easy. You set up one password for the entire database. To do this you go to

    "Tools => Security => Set Database Password ..."

    in the database menu. The advantage with this option is it's easy. The disadvantage is that everybody who uses the database (once they are in) can do anything.

    The other option is user level security which is customizable but more difficult to set up. What I am about to say sounds pretty easy, but I assure you it involves a learning curve ....

    Basically to do user level security you need to create a workgroup file (*.mdw), and then execute the database through a shortcut that references that workgroup file.

    Also, you need to make sure that the default "Admin" user is only assigned to the "Users" group and not the "Admins" group. Then you need to make sure that the default "Users" group has no permissions to do anything. This will remove all default access to the database. Of course you will need at least one user assigned to the "Admins" group so that you'll be able to make changes in the future.

    Most of the stuff is done under the "Tools => Security" option, and the "User Level Security Wizard" is helpful for getting the process started. It will create an unsecured backup of the database in case something goes wrong, the workgroup file, and a shortcut that opens the database with the workgroup file called as a command line option.

    Good luck.

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