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How much longer do you think Israel will wait before striking Iran?

Israel is undoubtredly being held back by the USA but how long will they continue to wait before they hit Iran's nuclear sites? Not with an atomic bomb but with blockbusters. Would you wait indefinitely if someone told you that he would totally wipe you out? The head of state of Israel must protect his people in the same manner that the president of the USA must protect Americans. There is a point of no return when the Prime Minister of Israel will have to address his cabinet and ask for a "GO" on Iran. Israel knows this will infuriate the Arab nations but I don't think Israel will care since these nations are against Israel to begin with. Iran is playing with fire and they are very happy with this role. They are pushing Israel and the USA very hard and they feel that both countries will not do anything to stop them. So far they are correct, but what about tomorrow?

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    Like they attacked Syria yesterday?

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    Iran is a strong force. I doubt the Israeli fighter jets would make it far before being noticed.

    The Israeli army is too over-rated, come on they lost against the Lebanese forces in the summer war last year, supposedly funded and supplied by Iran. If so what makes you think Israel could possibly affect Iran.

    Plus if Israel did attack Iran hypothetically, I think every arab/muslim country in the world is going to retaliate against this show of force, i.e mainly Syria, Palestine and all the militias that Iran controls. These militias are realy powerful whether we like it or not. The American army cannot even take them down. Were talking about a world war 3 even possibly. Russia and China will not let their ally Iran and its resources be destroyed.

    So I say, the idea of this is no more than a joke. Iran has indirectly already defeated what could be considered the strongest army in the world in Iraq, America. Seriously I doubt they could ever possibly harm Iran.

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    as quickly as I examine your questions and greater than a number of different of the publish, i in my opinion experience pitty for those people who nevertheless think of that the U. S. can bomb as they choose. Are you affected by disassociative psychological issues. You dont see the international. You dont see how screwed are you in Afghanistan. You dont see how economically screwed. Dont you realize that the troops in Iraq is under the Iranian mercy. until now the shia'a didnt do something in direction of you and coverage makers contained in the white residing house is conscious that precisely. Im telling you, neither Israel nor the U. S. will do something against Iran. in the event that they, the consequnces a million- Israel would be impaired perpetually, 1000's of missiles would be sent to Israel contained in the 1st one hour. 2- Oil expenses will skyrocket in case you discover place to purchase, prepare your self to apply bicycles to any extent further in case you opt for a conflict against Iran 3- Your troops in Iraq would be killed like cocroaches. you nevertheless have faith in attacking Iran. American, your u . s . a . replaced into the large potential u . s . a ., no longer anymore. there'll be no large potential contained sooner or later.

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    War is a necessity which is a result of many socioeconomic reasons. These reasons do exist now, and so naturally the war prepration is being done in both sides. When they feel they are ready, they will start the war.

    Source(s): My source is history
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