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It is great pleasure for me to introduce myself to your Company.

My name is Wei Yi Siou.I am 24-year old.I was born in the simple and thrifty city of Tainan in a family in the industrial business. My parents raised me up by working hard to provide me a warm and happy environment.I gradually learned a good social behavior and independent characters. I first studied computer science and electronic engineering at Ling Tung Vocational School in Taichung .

I was very interested in electronic circuit design. After graduation from Ling Tung I passed university entrance examination and continued my education at Department of Computer Engineering,Yuan Pei University . I majored in Electronic Engineering.At the same time I learned a lot about computer and multimedia.This built up my interest about Photoshop and Flash.I frequently went to library to borrow and read the related books.

Knew since childhood mother's pain realizes her labor,and therefore lets me try hard to progress. My leisure time in the during my school days to found part-time job to earn school fees. On the one hand is in order to help mother division of family property the family budget. On the other hand takes advantage of this increases own work experience and by work to substantial oneself.

When quality to university stage I participate in the school positively each activity, and in the quality stage my continual three years the organization head who elects by ballot for the assumption mass organization.As such,raises my leadership and the communication skill imperceptibly and understood how forgives others.So, the way that I have learnt to advance and retreat between men is more interested to put into the work of the group too.


Career Planning for the future,hope to be more diversified practical experience and one day to work in the field of play their professional knowledge has reached the most optimal efficiency,may be in the future can work in the field for better performance.

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    It is a great pleasure to introduce myself to your company. My name is Wei Yi Siou. I am 24 years old. I was born in the City of Tainan, a simple and thrifty city. My parents worked very hard to give me a warm and happy childhood where I grew to become an independent person with great social manner. I studied at "Ling Tung Vocational School" in Taichung on computer science and electronic engineering.

    I have a great interest in electronic circuit design. After I have graduated from Ling Tung, I have continued my education in the Yuan Pei University, majored in Electronic Engineering at their Department of Computer Engineering. Other than that, I have developed a lot of knowledge in computer and multimedia. That is where I have developed a great interest in Photoshop and Flash. I often goes to the library for books related to the same topic.

    *I tried to help but the rest of your 自傳 ... is not readable. It looks like as if it is directly from a Chinese to English translator. Good luck

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