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In addition to the criminal proceedings outlined above, the Stock Exchange may take any of the following action against a director of a listed company who has sworn a Form B containing incorrect information:

(i) the issue of a private reprimand, a public statement which involves a criticism or a public censure;

(ii) reporting a director's conduct to the SFC, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority or other relevant overseas regulatory authority;

(iii) stating publicly that, in the Stock Exchange's opinion, the retention of office by the director is prejudicial to the interests of investors and, if the director remains in office following such statement, suspending or cancelling the company's listing; and

(iv) taking or refraining from taking such other action as it thinks fit.

As your legal advisers, we are required to certify that we have explained to you all applicable requirements and procedures for completing and making the declaration in Part I of the Form B and the possible consequences of making a false declaration. In support of this, we have prepared a letter addressed to us from you confirming that we have explained the above to you, and which you are requested to sign and return to us.

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    由於你的法律顧問,我們必須證明我們已經解釋你的所有適用的規定和程序辦理,並作出聲明,在第一部分的形式, B和可能產生的後果作出虛假聲明。為支持這項工作,我們已準備了一份函件給我們從你確定我們已經解釋了上述議,而你要求簽署並返回給我們。

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    除罪犯行動之外被概述以上, 證券交易所也許採取任何以下行動反對發誓形式B 包含不正確資訊一個列出的公司的主任:

    (i) 一個私有譴責, 介入批評或一種公開責備的一個公開聲明的問題;

    (ii) 主任的品行向SFC 、香港金錢當局或其它相關的國外管理當局報告;

    (iii) 陳述公開地, 以證券交易所的觀點, 辦公室的保留由主任是造成偏見的對投資者的興趣和, 如果主任保留在辦公室從事這樣的聲明, 暫停或取消公司的目錄; 並且

    (iv) 採取或克制採取像它認為適合的如此其他行動。

    作為您的法律顧問, 我們被要求證明, 我們解釋了對您所有可適用的要求和方法為完成和做聲明在第部分I 的形式B 和做一個假的聲明可能導致的後果。支持這, 我們準備了一封信件對我們演講從您證實, 我們解釋了在上面對您, 並且您被請求簽字和回來到我們。

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