Which nurses make the most money?

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    Advanced Practice Nurses a.k.a Nurse Practitioners with a specialization, they start out in the 70-80k range and they only require a masters degree. Next to them are Registered Nurses which the pay for RN's is constantly increasing, starting pay is anywhere from 40-60k. Hope I have helped. I am still trying to decide on which one I should be!

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    contract nurses make the most money and have the most control over when they work, where they work and for how long.Also working for an agency is a money maker too.With either one of these jobs you are not an employee per se.You can pick and choose what faciltiies you work in, the , hours and so forth. I have been a traveling nurse and It was great, the money was great too, but its not all about the money, you have to be a kind and compassionate person to do this kind of work day in and day out, to make sure each patient gets the respect and consideration they deserve. That being the driving force behind what you do ,not just a pay check

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    A RN with a higher degree or certification - a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) makes well over $100,000 annually starting wage.

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    A registered nurse.

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    CRNA's make the best money and they deserve it. The pts. are in their hands while in surgery. They have to monitor the pts. while in surgery keeping up with blood loss, heart rhythms and many other things. RN's that go to work for medical companies as sales rep. also make excellent money. The downside to being a sales rep. is the travel involved.

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