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Questions about us history...?

ok...i need help:

its abour the reconstruction.

1. describe life foe one of the millions of recently freed former slaves.

2.describe the point of view of radical republicans in details

3. how did reconstruction fail to ensure the lasting rights of african american?


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    Sorry I don't have time to give a detailed explanation, but hopefully this will help get you started.

    1. The recently freed slaves faced racism (north and south), violence, threats, and even death. They had no money, and many ended up working on their former owner's plantation, where they were exploited to the point that most were basically re-enslaved (but this time in debt).

    2. Radical Republicans were a faction of the Republican party who took a hard stance against the South, and many thought Lincoln was being too easy on the South. They caused him to leave the party and join the National Union party. After the Civil War and Lincoln's assassination, they fought with new president Andrew Johnson over the Reconstruction policy that would be taken (eventually they took control of the Reconstruction). They favored civil rights for the newly freed slaves in the South. Also, they led the impeachment case against Johnson.

    3. The Reconstruction failed largely due to the southern will to oppress freed slaves, and the fact that it (the Reconstruction) was ended (early) with the Compromise of 1877, which gave Rutherford B. Hayes the presidency. Thus control of the South went back to the men who the Union had fought so hard against. With poll taxes, literacy tests, the grandfather clause, and other measures African Americans were mostly unable to vote, which kept the whites in control. Jim Crow laws segregated blacks from whites in "separate but equal" (though they were not) facilities, and were even confirmed by the Supreme Court decision in Plessy v. Ferguson.

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    Having freedom is not the same as having all the freedoms that had been enjoyed by the people who had never been slaves.

    Even though the slaves had been freed, the people of the time were accustomed to treating the blacks as someghint less than huan, and now they just treated them as second class citizens.

    It takes a long time after a people are freed, or get the vote (e.g. women), for the rest of the humans to psychologically behave as if that truth is there.

    After the Civil War, there was a principle of separate but equal where segregation could occur, but the blacks supposedly got all the same stuff as the whites.

    The truth was that the whites got it more than equal, and blacks less than equal, so ultimately there had to be some changes to conform to the promises of the constitution.

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    3) Despite the gains achieved during the Reconstruction era, progress toward equality soon came to an end. It was the 1877 withdrawal of Federal troops from the South by newly elected Republican President Rutherford B. Hayes that led to the end of black political participation. White Southern Democrats soon took control from black and white Republican office holders. By the end of 1877, all of the gains of Reconstruction disappeared and blacks were again relegated to second-class citizenship. It was not until the civil rights movement in the 1960s that blacks would finally receive full citizenship rights.

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    Amazing to think that people managed to complete any homework before Yahoo Answers.

    Seriously, open your textbook and put in a bit of effort.

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    The answers are all in your text book. Crack it open.

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