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Who is Phil Jackson's son? pleaseeee!!! help its homework?

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    He has two sons, Ben and Charlie.

    According to, he has five children, but the site doesn't name them.

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    Phil Jackson Son

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    1 decade ago

    Michael Jackson.

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    5 years ago

    You should seen my i was on the edge of my seat so close tot he Tv and i knew D-Fish was going to nail that 3, i felt so good when that happened that's why he is my Fav Player the fact he is not afraid of the moment and Situation. Well Phil does what Phil does maybe was there to long for the Starters , but Phil either has the best patiencece in the world or he trust his bench

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    His sons are former NBA journeyman, Jim Jackson, and former NBA player, Chris Jackson aka Mahmoud Abdul-Raouf.

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