please guys help me?♥how did the colonists transform themselves from being Europeans to americans?

after the colonization of the americas, how did the European colonists transform themselves to being "Americans"?


i understand you think im just asking for answers, i have an idea of what i want to write but im not sure if its right i just want more input.

and this is just supposed to be like a one paragraph thing...i wanted to write about how when the European colonists arrived, they imposed their culture, religion, customs, rules, traditions, etc. on the Native Americans. THEY were the ones who were ruling, so they had the power to develop their own culture without any interference. In europe, they were pressured from the government and some were pressured from the Roman Catholic church....the point is, location doesnt matter, although it does affect the makeup of communities and soicties, it didnt matter in this America they had the freedom and power to do whatever they want, which led them to hold on to their european culture however while living in the U.S and being "americans". does that sound right to anyone?

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    They didn't. They were still Europeans by birth. They were called "American Colonists" because they COLONIZED the country named America. Their children were called "American citizens" because they were BORN in the country of America. There were no U.S.A. citizens yet, because there were no "states" at the time.

    Other European colonists went to the country of "New Spain" (renamed "Mexico") , and still other European colonists went to the country of "New France" (renamed Canada), all on the North American continent.

    The ethnic group that is universally considered to be "true Americans" are the indigenous Americans, the native tribes that were here before the colonization of the country of America. Same goes for "true Mexicans" and "true Canadians" (indigenous Mexicans and indigenous Canadians).

    There are 2 (or 3, depending on how you count) American continents; North America, South America, (Central America).

    People on these continents are North, South, or Central "American" by continental birth, but are "citizens" of thier respective countries by political law.

    Under the "politics" of colonial times, the children of the colonists were "citizens" of the "country" called America - which, after unification, was named the United States of America (COUNTRY, of the "continent" North America).

    Three countries share the name "North American"

    "U.S. (and Terr.) of AMERICA", in North America,

    "Provinces (and Terr.) of CANADA, in North America,

    "U.S. of MEXICO", in North America.

    Only ONE COUNTRY has the name "America". The people born in the country of America are "American citizens".

    To answer the second part of your question:

    Colonists to the countries America and Canada were looking for religious freedom, fleeing the Spanish Inquisition and later the Kingdom of England, nothing more. It was mostly the minority Catholic/Protestant Christians, rich whites and blacks, and Asiatic (not European) Jews who owed slaves; the Amish, Mennonites, and European Jews (who were slaves to Black Africans thousands of years before according to thier religion - Jews were also slaves to White Europe, which is why they fled) and many other religions opposed slavekeeping - it was a sin. None of them hadn't originally intended on "conquering" the native tribes, they lived quite peacefully alongside them for generations until *some* tribes and immigrants became more threatening (competition for lands - there were some European individuals who felt they should go by thier old-world homestead rights, some Indians didn't agree). For the most part, the Native Americans fought side-by-side with colonists, against British, French, and Spanish rule, and currently they have a respected and preferred place in American (country) society.

    On the other hand, Europeans under Spain who came to what is now Mexico (and the Central and South American countries) came to conquer lands and force thier will on the natives right off the bat, killing in the name of God anyone who would not convert to Christianity (extension of the Inquisition), and partitioning off lands, making the natives into slaves, as well as bringing thier own African slaves. They currently still treat thier Native tribes with less respect, although efforts at change have been recently noticed, due to tribal uprisings and intense pressures from other nations.

    Hope this helps!

    Source(s): U.S. and World History
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    It doesn't really sound right. The colonists didnt become Americans because they hung onto European culture, quite the opposite happened really. Location does in fact matter when it comes to things like culture; for example, during the Roman Empire, the people in England, although still Roman, practiced religion much differently then the people in Rome because they were so far away from the center of their religion they were able to branch off and create their own variations. The colonists created, I suppose a "variation" of being european (and you have to remember a european then is much different then what we think of a european now). They did still hold onto many of the same values, tastes, and culture, but they also strayed away from normal european practices, like Catholisism and momarchy. I would change your agrument to say that the colonists became americans because their geographical seperation from europe allowed them to grow as a people and develop new "American" ways of thinking. If you need a specific example, look at the English colonists, the Continental Congresses and the Revolutionary war.

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    Thats like asking me how did West Africans transform themselves to African Americans...Its the unique culture stupid! Caucasain Americans arent Europeans and African Americans arent Africans. We are American...

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    Uhmm, that's kind of a long answer...but I would include something about the values of individualism and freedom.

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    Revolution and bloodshed.

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    don't kids do their own homework anymore?

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