Air conditioned warehouse?

My architect just let me know that my warehouse is going to need a total of 5 A/C units that are 5 tons each. Anyone have an idea of the cost for this?

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    Well i can rough in the figures a little for you,,,heres how it goes...first i'm going to say that your electricity costs 8 cents per kwh..that means you use 1000 watts it costs 8 cents...Now lets look at those ac units...lets drop out the fact that they are 13 seer (seasonal energy effeciancy ratio) or that they are three phase and lets just look at the thermodynamics of the system. First lets establish the connection between tonnage and watts.. one ton of ac = 12000 btu ...and 3.414btu for every ton of ac you have 3514.9 or 3515 how long does the ac run ..thats a function of the cu=coefficient of utilization of the walls( or R-value) x area and a bunch of other things like, infiltratration and perimeter gain and lights and machinery inside(latent heat) and well the list goes on..but lets say there is none of this and the things run for an hour...this is a good unit of time because the answer works out in kwH(hours) ,,.5 tons of cooling = 60K btu and 60000/3.414=17574.6 watts now for every thousand it costs 8 cents so 17.6 x .08=1.41 or to round down or up real life always up...!!!! so it costs 1.50 per hour to got 5 so if they are all running thats 7.50 per hour..x 8 hours =60.00 per average shift(if they run all the time) ..If your there all 30 days thats 1,800 per month...... Now ask your Architect if he/she can raise the R value a bit drop the ceiling (if its a new building) this lowers the thermal envelope and load shed (turn off)some of your lighting...Keep your doors shut and as far as fresh air ratio (infiltration)only use the minimum as fresh air changes are the number one way to loose your cool....also you might want to try time clocking the units for start up but i want to warn you that the concrete mass you cool during the day will not carry over all night and then the next day you have to cool it back down so you work the units real hard ,,,for some people its better to work a little bit many times ....Well i guess you can see there are lots of things you can do to help yourself ..Good luck with the building...from the E...

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    Why don't you ask the architect?? If he knows enough to figure out the requirements he should be able to estimate the cost as well. In fact, he should have told you that without being asked.

    If you want to check his estimate, look up some AC manufacturers on the web that have some units of the required size, and call them for a price.

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