Does "Citizen Insurance Company of America" exist in the states?

I will like to know if this "Citizen Insurance Company of America" exist in the states? If it does, can anyone provide me some information about this company? Is it good? Bad? etc...

Thank you very much!

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    Yes, they do. I actually worked for Hanover (the parent company) for a short stint 20 years ago. Citizens is their "preferred" company, for what they consider their 'better' risks. I like them. Here's some hard data from ambest:

    Citizens Insurance Company of America

    (a member of Hanover Insurance Grp Prop and Cas Cos)

    A.M.Best #: 00264 NAIC #: 31534 FEIN #: 380421730

    Address: 645 West Grand River Avenue

    Howell, MI 48843

    Phone: 517-546-2160

    Fax: 508-855-6417


    Assigned to companies that have, in our opinion, an excellent ability to meet their ongoing obligations to policyholders.

    Best's Ratings

    Financial Strength Ratings View Definitions

    Rating: A- (Excellent)

    Affiliation Code: g (Group)

    Financial Size Category: XIV ($1.5 Billion to $2 Billion)

    Outlook: Positive

    Action: Affirmed

    Effective Date: May 23, 2007

    Issuer Credit Ratings View Definitions

    Long-Term: a-

    Outlook: Positive

    Action: Affirmed

    Date: May 23, 2007

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    It is a very financially stable company in the United States according to A.M.'s Best Rating financial guide. I know it historically has high employee turnover rate because the contact people change constantly in each department. I have professional experience working as an independent agent with a broker agreement with them for 5 years before having the pleasure of being in a horrible debilitating car accident which gave me personal experience with their claims department for the next six years. In my eleven years of combined experience, CICA is an excellent company to represent you as a customer. They paid all my bills and took very good care of me when I needed multiple surgeries, physical therapy, massage therapy, cognitive therapy, speech therapy, hospital bills paid, specialists, follow up care, RX's, home modifications, lost wages, and my claims adjuster was very understanding regarding the emotional toll it took on my life as I was obviously unable to continue with my career at the time, care for myself for awhile much less my family, pets, and household. I am not a Citizens agent, but I will always be grateful for the way they responded to my needs. In my line of business, it is the hour of need that means the most. When my customers need help, I am there for them and so is my company - immediately. I can say - S0 WAS CITIZENS for me. When you ask about a company, always ask about testimonials from people who have had claims. That will give you an indication of what kind of company you are dealing with. Talk to repair shops to get their impression of what it is like working with the adjusters and how they perceive the company. I am only one piece of my company - my company has to perform full circle for my customers to be satisfied. --- And make sure you are getting your state specific information, I am from Michigan.

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    It sure does exist in the states. I ran a search for you ands the results show quite a number of hits. See the site below.

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